Shocking claim for Yalıkavak Marina: Human trafficking to Europe

In the first of the videos in which Sedat Peker made statements that shook Turkey, he made important allegations about Mehmet Ağar, the former Minister of Interior and Justice.
He pointed to Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina as an important address in his claims.

Sedat Peker accused the former owner of the Marina, Mübariz (Mansimov) Gurbanoğlu, of Azerbaijani origin, of declaring him a «FETOCU» by Mehmet Ağar and his team after the failed coup attempt on July 15, imprisoning him and crashing the Palmarina (Yalikavak).

Recall that the president of the Palmali group of companies, Mubariz Gurbanoglu is the 500th billionaire on the Forbes list of billionaires.

Sedat Peker announced that the Yalikavak marina (Palmarina) purchased from Mubariz Gurbanoğlu was used for the cocaine shipment of RSR Holding members.

Sedat Peker claimed that drug shipments were made by ships of 40-50 meters and that Yalıkavak Marina was the only port in that region where ships of this size could enter.

rsr holding2021-06-16 um 18.40.35Download

“What happened after the fraudulent sales claim in Bodrum?”
In my article titled, I wrote the whole story of Palmarina, formerly known as Bodrum Yalıkavak.
There were dozens of mixed jobs and allegations that were reflected in the courts.
First, former minister Mehmet Agar, and then AKP Elazig Deputy son Tolga Agar left the management of the marina.

Tolga Agar and Mehmed Agar

After the overlapping videos of Sedat Peker, the allegations about the marina in Bodrum Yalikavak were forgotten within weeks.

Mehmet Ağar: From Susurluk gang to Yalikavak marina boss

Anar Alizade, one of the founders of SOCAR Trading Switzerland ,Union Grant Energy, joined the Bodrum Yalikavak yacht port, which was bought by Mubariz Mansimov, owner of Palmali Holding, in 2011 from Profilo Holding owner Jefi Kemhi for $ 42 million. Thus, according to the Turkish business registry, RSR Holding, founded by Anar Alizade in Singapore in 2007, acquired a 50% stake in Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited, owned by Mubariz Mansimov, in March 2012. The document was signed by Agshin Salimov, who is currently acting sales and marketing director of Petkim, representing RSR Holding.azerbaijan_anonymous_lr_0Download

With additional investment in the port, the yacht’s reception capacity has been doubled. The Palmarina yacht port, which became the largest yacht port in Turkey after reconstruction, was put into operation in June 2013.

In May 2014, at the insistence of Anar Alizade, Tolga Agar, the son of former Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice Mehmet Agar, was brought to the leadership of Palmarina (Yalikavak). Although there were rumors in the media about the sale of Palmarina to SOCAR in 2015, Palmali Holding said that these reports did not reflect the truth.

Tolga Agar and Mehmet Agar

At the same time, Mubariz Mansimov told the press that Palmarina will not be sold.’yi-ve-otellerini-satacak-mi-h26646.html

In January-February 2016, Anar Alizadeh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bodrum Yalikavak Tourism and Yacht Port Investments and Trade Anonymous Company, to which Palmarina is affiliated, Tolga Agar, and 4 senior executives and signatories of the Palmali Group of Companies — Alaattin Aykaç, Mehmet Ercil, along with Fatih Berber and Ali Kemal Celikten, seized Mubariz Mansimov’s shares. Thus, on January 14, 2016, the owner of RSR Holding Anar Alizadeh founded Palmarina Holding Limited (new name: Yalikavak Holding Limited) in Malta at the address where SOCAR group companies are registered (171, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT1455, Malta). was made. February 15, 2016

Who were they?
The company’s CEO is Alaattin Aykaç, Finance Coordinator Ali Kemal Çelikten and Finance Audit Manager Mehmet Ercil.
In 2012, Mubariz Mansimov (Gurbanoğlu) decided to buy a partner in his company to expand his investment in Bodrum.
Therefore, it sold 50 percent of the company’s shares to RSR Holding.

On February 3, 2016, Palmali Hotel Operations sold the shares of the Investment and Tourism company to RSR Holding.
Who is the owner of RSR Holding?
-Anar Alizade.

RSR Holding handed over the marina to Palmarina Holding Ltd., located in Malta.
Who is Palmarina Holding?
-Of course Anar Alizade.

The shares of Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited, which has a 100% stake in Palmali Hotel Operations and Tourism Limited, were transferred to Palmarina Holding Limited without Mubariz Mansimov’s knowledge.

As a result of this investigation, it became clear that SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev and his cousin Anar Alizadeh, together with Mehmet Agar, one of the most powerful figures of the deep state in Turkey, seized the property of Mubariz Mansimov.

After that, Mubariz Mansimov was arrested on baseless allegations and with the consent of Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.
Prior to his arrest, Azeri mafia boss Loti Guli, one of the leaders of the criminal world in CİS region, who was killed in Turkey this year, was invited to Turkey by Mehmet Agar from Azerbaijan to assassinate businessman Mubariz Mansimov.

The Turkish mafia Sedat Peker said that together with the leadership of SOCAR’s management and the then Turkish Interior Minister Mehmet Agar, the leader of the criminal gangs from Azerbaijan named Loti Quli in Turkey were invited to meet the businessman the company Palmali Mubariz Mansimov to kill.

The criminal authority was brought to Turkey by the order of Mehmet Agar. The transfer of the criminal authority to Turkey was agreed with the then head of the State Security Committee of Azerbaijan Madat Guliyev.

Mehmet Agir is the secret name of the head of the ” Deep state of Turkey.” Mehmet Agir is accused of blackmail and kidnapping in the murder of thousands of people in Turkey as well as in Europe

This television channel reports that the shipping company has been registered in Malta with 5 different companies since 2016 by the son of President Turkey Bilal Erdogan – These 5 companies in Malta are managed by SOCAR. All these ties are made in Singapore RSR Holding headquarters. The main figure in this holding is Anar Alizade. Research shows that companies such as SOCAR, PETKIM lead to President Ilham Aliyev.

The business partner, partner and shareholder, the firm RSR Holding headquarters of the 2007 in Singapore founded by Anar Alizade, is the eks interior minister of Turkey Mehmet Agir.

You can watch this information 12:04-14:09 min in video

A plan to assassinate Azerbaijani bloggers (Fuad Agayev Mahammad Mirzali and Gabil Mammadov) in Europe

While watching the developments about the marina in Bodrum Yalıkavak, I got a message from a former journalist who is currently living there, having received political asylum from Switzerland.
He had serious allegations about Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina.
He said that he wanted to wait for a while since his political asylum request was not concluded and that what he would say would not affect the application process.
We accepted her concern naturally.
We waited a while longer.
Upon the positive result of his political asylum and employment application, we asked him to write his story after the mutual conversations.
When we realized that it was difficult for him to write with the resources he had, we offered an interview.
He agreed and told the story of his escape from Turkey to Switzerland.

His name is Seyhan Uludag.
While working as a journalist in Turkey, lawsuits were filed against him for his writings and social media posts.
In 2020, he decided to leave Turkey after successive cases resulted in convictions and fines.
He talked to his friends living abroad.
Trusting the stories of his friends who said that they could help him if he could come to Italy, he started preparations to leave Turkey illegally.

How did you decide to flee abroad as a journalist with a background?

The lawsuits against me started to come to a conclusion one by one. If my postponed convictions started to be executed, I would have to spend a long time in prison. My articles and social posts disturbed the government. That’s why I had no choice but to go abroad.

Did you know how to go as a fugitive? How did you trust, how did you communicate?

No, I had no idea about it. When I had no other choice, I learned how to do this job through my trusted friends. I contacted the Istanbul-based international human trafficking organization through an acquaintance. They said they could take me to Italy for 6 thousand euros. They said that the ship would depart from around Bodrum, and that when I set foot in Italy, the money would be given to them by the person we vouched for. Normally this is how it works. There are some jewelers and foreign exchange dealers in this business. It mediates both sides.

You gave 6 thousand euros to an exchange office in Bodrum. What happened then?

Yes. Before I left Turkey, I left the money at the exchange office. When I arrived in Italy, I called the exchange office and said, OK, I arrived in Italy, and they would pay 6 thousand Euros to the smugglers. These people become reliable people for both parties. This is how the system works. After all, I had no other choice and we agreed.

What happened after the deal?

I took the bus from Istanbul to Bodrum. They met me at Bodrum Bus Garage. They took me to a hotel and told me to wait, saying it is not clear how many days the check-out time will be. There was a Turk at the head of the organization. His name is North. Everyone calls it that, but it’s probably not his real name. We met Kuzey in Bodrum Yalikavak. He told me that three ships were going to leave, that the Russian, who was the vice-captain of one of the ships, was an alcoholic and therefore spoiled their business, that they also fired the Russian, that I should appear as the vice-captain instead. He said that if I accepted this offer, I would not travel under the boat, I would not be stuffy and I would be more comfortable. I immediately agreed and didn’t even think about it.

Did you have such a license? How did you suddenly become a vice captain?

He said ok then. He said that I had to go with them, that they would run the boat as a help captain. He said that you will not interfere with anything for the documents of the captain and the vice-captain, we will handle it. He said, «I’ll take your wallets and get in and out, don’t worry, they are all our men.» The boat was Turkish flagged.

What do you mean boat? Yacht or another watercraft?

14 meter yachts. There are luxury yachts, that’s what they are.

Where is the boat you will be co-captain moored at that time?

It is connected to Yalıkavak Marina.

-Is the Yalıkavak Marina the marina previously owned by Mubariz Mansimov (Gurbanoğlu)?

Yes, that’s right, the luxury marina in Bodrum Yalıkavak.

What happened then?

Six of us got together. (Note: a captain and assistant of each of the three boats) This man called Kuzey took our papers. Includes entry. There is an office in the marina for yachts to enter and exit. He gave the papers. He came back a few minutes later and said it was done. Going in and out was one. Meanwhile, an interesting thing happened. The man called Kuzey said he had to go to the sign maker because one of the boats needed to be renamed. He said you go to bed and do the final checks. Our boat was Turkish flagged and her name was Alavera. Katakulli is already happening here. This North has come and gone, the German flag in its hand. We immediately changed the flag and the name. The boat was of German nationality. They are already very tight with the contents of the marina. They obviously did these things together.

She became a Turkish yacht of German nationality. How many other people were on your yacht besides you and the captain?

There were 64 passengers, six of them children.

How did you fit 64 people on the 14-meter yacht, excluding the captain and you? Where did you go from Bodrum?

After leaving Bodrum, we went to Italy without stopping. It took seven days. We went very open. There are these maritime rules. What are you going to go from 14 miles away? That’s why we left three yachts open. We were already seeing each other on the way.

So, what did all these people eat and drink all this time? How did they meet their toilet needs?

There are two downstairs toilets, everyone used it. There were two water tanks at the bottom, they emptied them. They replaced it with diesel. Since they could not refuel, their water tanks were filled with diesel. A mechanism was built inside the water tanks, they opened when the fuel was low and they transferred to the fuel tank from there. We also sailed from time to time. We had a hard time crossing Rhodes. We were the middle boat. We were already seeing each other. We left Bodrum with an interval of half an hour.

Did all three yachts leave Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina?

Yes, yes, we all left the same place. We just didn’t part at the same time. As I said, there was a half hour difference between us. That’s what they preached. The captains already know the job. They talked to each other and made the arrangements. There is such a system. We do not know each other. They brought us a phone. They gave a zero phone call, open to international line. WhatsApp group has been created. The man called Kuzey says the first boat comes out from there. We are already following.

While you are doing these, do not any officials in the marina suspect or see you?

They see. Nobody has any hesitation. The system is set up like that, everyone is very comfortable…

What was the history of this event that you said happened?

This happened in September of 2020.

At the time you describe, the chairman of the board of directors of the marina is Mehmet Ağar, one of the former ministers. Have you ever seen it? Did you know that he is in charge of the marina?

No, I did not know . I’ve never heard anyone talk about such a thing. It’s a very luxurious place. One of the entrance gates is gate B. You enter from there. There is security at the entrance. This gate is where the yachts’ personnel and owners enter and exit. Those who took us knew all the security guards. We didn’t have any problems. We were waving our hands. In fact, let me tell you that people other than us came by minibus and entered. By minibuses that bring supplies and water to the yachts.

So many people are brought by minibus and put on the boat. Doesn’t she get any attention?

No, it doesn’t. Let me explain it like this. They moor the boats in such a place that it is the end of the pier. For example, the yacht I was going to was moored at number 39. In the far corner. Where there are not many yachts. All these things happen at night. The minibus that brings supplies to the boat can dock. In the dark, they take people from the fast speed van to the boat. There are security guards. There are even those who patrol, but they do not make a sound because they know the job. We set off from Bodrum like this and went to Sicily port of Italy.

Who greeted you when you arrived in Sicily?

When we entered the territorial waters of Italy, one of our passengers fell ill. So we had to call the coast guard. The Italian coast guard boat took us back to the port. If this incident had not happened, a Turk would have met us at the port. There was a Turkish guys to meet me there.
It would take him to the Swiss border without any problems. But we did not meet. They kept us in quarantine for 25 days because we were caught having to call a paramedic. They left the gym. I got sick but couldn’t go to the hospital. After the time expires, the procedure works as follows. They ask if you want to stay in this country. You say yes or no. If you say no, they give you a pre-prepared paper. It says you must leave the country within seven days. None of those with me stayed in Italy. There is a city called Como, I went all the way there. My friends in Switzerland came and took me from there.

Someone’s deceiving us really well
In the videos he published, Sedat Peker claimed that Mubariz Gurbanoğlu, a businessman of Azerbaijani origin, crashed his marina in Bodrum Yalikavak «for the drug trade.»
Former Minister Mehmet Ağar, whom he blamed, said, “This marina is a currency exchange machine. Yachts come here, not ships. Princes, are the world’s richest people carrying drugs? It’s obvious who’s coming. The state has police and coast guards,” he said.
Journalist Seyhan Uludağ, who went to Italy from Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina illegally, talks about completely different relationships and «human smuggling».
Someone is deceiving us really well.

You can listen to the interview with journalist Seyhan Uludağ in the video below…

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