Close relationship between Erdogan, SOCAR and Remzi Gur

CHP Ankara Deputy,Mr Ali Haydar Hakverdi asked about the investments made by SOCAR, the incentives it received, the companies it is affiliated with, and the partnerships of President Erdoğan, his close friends and relatives in this project.

Here is CHP Ankara Deputy Hakverdi’s proposal:

SOCAR energy company, which obtained a fuel distribution license in January 2013, announced that it would invest 18 billion dollars in Turkey, and then revised this figure to 19.5 billion dollars. The company announced that it has realized the majority of this figure. Receiving the support that Azerbaijan expects from its sister country Turkey in delivering its energy resources to the world market, Petkim has implemented many projects such as Star Refinery and TANAP (Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project). It sells many products in the fields of Electricity, Fuel and Natural Gas to our country. SOCAR not only makes investments, but also cooperates with many business people and companies in Turkey.

In this context;

1- What is the total amount of investments made by SOCAR company in our country?

2- What are the conditions of the strategic investment incentive applied for the Star Refinery built by the company in Aliağa? Has anyone received such an incentive before?

3- Strategic investment incentive for SOCAR company to build Star Refinery; Since it includes support elements such as customs duty exemption, VAT exemption, tax reduction, insurance premium employer share support, investment location, interest support, VAT refund, what is the market value of the strategic incentive applied to this company? How much advantage did the company gain in total with this incentive?
4- Which items of energy does Turkey buy from SOCAR or its partner companies? What is the total amount paid by our country for these energy items in the last 3 years on the basis of quantity and price? What is the distribution by years?

5- How much electricity, natural gas and fuel has been sold to our country by SOCAR Company in the last three years? What is the total amount? How was the distribution according to years?

6- As of today, how many liras is a cubic meter of natural gas purchased from SOCAR sold in our country? How much does it cost? How many liras is the same gas sold to the Azerbaijani people?

7- Since the day SOCAR started investing in Turkey, with which companies has it collaborated in our country? How many ships were bought by SOCAR from the fleet belonging to the BMZ group owned by Bilal Erdoğan, Mustafa Erdoğan and Ziya İlgen?
Are these ships registered in Malta and flying the Maltese flag?

8- Does Remzi Gür, a close friend of President Erdoğan, operating in the clothing industry, do business with SOCAR? Has he or she established a company or companies in this field? Has Remzi Gür ever been active in the energy sector?

Remzi Gür was born in Kastamonu in 1953. After graduating from teacher training in 1968, he worked with his father as a tailor in London. Gür opened production in Mörter in 1985. Later, he founded a factory in his hometown of Kastamonu. Ramsey Gür, who has brands such as Ramsey, KİP, Gürman Gift, Gökkale Tarım in the Gürmen group, of which he is chairman of the board, is best known as a businessman who provides scholarships to Erdogan’s children.
Remzi Gyur, who is also known as the most loyal customer of the Savings Insurance Fund (TMSF), was sentenced to 9 years in prison for attempting to bribe CHP MP Kastamonu Mehmet Yıldırım in 2008.
He was sentenced to a fine. The Aslanlı Köşk trade, which was transferred from the Toprak Group to SDIF, was sold to Ramzi Gyur on April 15, 2009 at a price of 23 million 800 thousand lira. Gyur received the title for Aslanlı Köşk in 2011 by a court order.
Fuat Avni, who disclosed information about the palace, claimed that Aslanli Koshk, about whom Khalis Toprak said that “they ate my mansion blindly” before his death, was actually bought for Erdogan, not Ramzi Gyur. Remzi Gür also won the KÜMAŞ tender, which was put up for sale by TMSF in 2012 for an approximate cost of $ 320 million. Although Adabank won the tender in 2011, it was not approved by the BRSA.
Ramzi Gyur’s son Omer Gyur is married to Ali Babacan’s daughter-in-law Didem Yurt. It is known that Emine Erdogan brought the couple to a meeting. Bulent Arinch, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abdullah Gul and Ali Babacan witnessed the couple’s wedding on January 9, 2005.

9- Do President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself or his relatives have direct or indirect partnerships with SOCAR?

You can watch this information 12:04-14:09 min in video

Remzi Gur SOCAR relations

The partner named in the POAŞ indictment

Remizi Gur Anar Alizade

The name of Ömer İskefyeli, Gür’s partner in Excel Energy, has recently been mentioned in Turkey with the POAŞ indictment. The name of İskefyeli, born in 1963, is mentioned among the suspects in the indictment prepared by Petrol Ofisi on the charge that VAT received at customs between 2001 and 2008 was underpaid. İskefyeli is establishing a company in Bahamas on April 12, 2000, together with Yahya Üzdiyen, who was the CEO of Doğan Holding until the beginning of this year, and Özgün Çınar from İşbank.

This company is LYSA Investments, which is also mentioned in the indictment. Warren Trustees Limited and WTG Managers Limited are registered as shareholders of LYSA Investments Limited, which was established with a capital of 50 thousand dollars. The name of the shareholder is later changed to İş Doğan Petrol Yatırımları AŞ. The name of the company, whose director is from İskefye, becomes Petrol Ofisi International Oil Trading Limited (POINT) with the change made on April 1, 2003. All shares of the company seem to belong to Petrol Ofisi AŞ.

Capital quadrupled

On January 19, 2004, Petrol Ofisi International Oil Trading requested a capital increase. The company’s capital is increased from $50,000 to $20 million. In return for keeping the company’s capital so high, Mossack Fonseca asks what the company intends with this transaction. However, he does not receive a response. On January 26, 2004, Özgün Çınar becomes the second director of the company.
On April 22, 2004, Zeynep Hansu Önen from «Türkiye İş Bankası» was appointed to replace Özgün Çınar. At the same time, Özgün Çınar becomes the Budget and Financial Control Manager of OMV Petrol Ofisi. Mahmut Magemizoğlu replaced Ömer İskefyeli on February 2, 2005, and Tamer Özdamar replaced Zeynep Hansu Önen a day later. On October 14, 2005, Mevlut Tufan Darbaz and Ertuğrul Fevzi Tuncer are appointed next to Yahya Özdiyen as company officials. Darbaz becomes the chairman of the board, and Tuncer and Üzdiyen become the directors. On November 8, 2005, Reha Talu was appointed as the director instead of Ertuğrul Fevzi Tuncer. The names in question are among the suspects in the POAŞ indictment along with Ömer İskefyeli. According to the Panama papers, POINT was closed on 31 December 2008.

POAŞ indictment

On 22 March 2016, the Istanbul 1st High Criminal Court accepted the indictment against 47 suspects, including businessman Aydın Doğan and Ersin Özince. In the indictment, it was stated that the company named Lysa, headquartered in the Bahamas, was purchased to be used in oil imports, the company name was later changed to POINT, and Petrol Ofisi made an irregularity by importing oil through this company.
Offshore sales to PETKİM

Ömer İskefyeli seems to be affiliated with Stellar Oil Trading company besides Excel Energy and Petrol Ofisi International Oil Trading. Stellar Oil Trading was established on January 21, 2005 in the British Virgin Islands with a capital of $50,000. The sole shareholder of the company is Ömer Lütfü İskefyeli. In 2007, the company made an agreement to sell 75-90 thousand metric tons of processed gasoline type naphtha to Petkim Petrokimya Holding AŞ, which was still majority-owned by the state at that time.

After the July 4, 2007 document reached the law firm Mossack Fonseca, Mossack Fonseca is asking whether this important document should be destroyed. Stellar Oil Trading is shutting down on October 31, 2009. On July 5, 2007, a tender was made for the privatization of 51 percent of the public shares of Petrokimya Holding AŞ (PETKİM). According to the Panama documents, one day before the tender, PETKİM, which is still a public company, was sold through an offshore company. The Socar-Turcas-Injaz Joint Venture Group, which won the tender on July 5, 2007, took over the company on May 30, 2008.

Entered energy sector to with off-shore

The second offshore company he owns revealed that Remzi Gür entered the energy sector in the British Virgin Islands, along with Turkey. Excel Energy, which was revealed to belong to Gür in the Panama documents, was established on June 23, 2010 according to the documents.
Remzi Gür had entered the energy sector with Maspo Energy at the same time in Turkey. The registration date of Maspo Energy with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is March 30, 2010. Remzi Gür owns 75% of the shares of Excel Energy, which was founded with a capital of 50 thousand dollars, headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The remaining 25 percent shares belong to Ömer İskefyeli. Gür and İskefyeli are appointed as company directors themselves. The address of Remzi Gür is stated as Istanbul Merter, while the address of Ömer İskefyeli appears in London.
The company is shutting down on October 31, 2011. Apart from the establishment closing procedures of both companies belonging to Gür, no activities appear in the documents. This increases the possibility of companies to become sign companies. Remzi Gür’s companies operating in the energy sector in Turkey are KÜMAŞ Magnesite Industry, Petrade Petrolcülük, Maspo Energy, Enpo Energy and Gür Yağmur Enerji. Remzi Gür’s name was also mentioned for a long time with Siyahkalem, which obtained the first import license to bring natural gas from Northern Iraq to Turkey. It was claimed that Gür was one of the owners of Siyahkalem. Gür denied these allegations, but stated that he had established a partnership with Cengiz Özdemir, one of the partners of Siyahkalem, for a mining tender in Kütahya. The then-Evening Editor-in-Chief İsmail Küçükkaya had obtained this information from Remzi Gür, who went to meet with Energy Minister Taner Yıldız, and moved it to his column on February 16, 2013.

Who is Ömer İskefyeli?

In mutual correspondence of Mossack Fonseca employees, it is stated that Ömer İskefyeli is experienced in oil trade and that his father is a manager at BP Turkey. A Mossack Fonseca employee says that they helped İskefyeli in changing the name of LYSA Investments, and that İskefyeli needed a staff member to receive and send faxes about the oil trade in the Bahamas. İskefyeli has no connection with Remzi Gür in Turkey, except for the Panama papers.

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