The investigation into the secrets of SOCAR Trading draws closer to Geneva

The investigation into the secrets of SOCAR Trading draws closer to Geneva

Die Genfer Staatdsanwaltschaft The Geneva prosecutor will provide Latvia with information on the Geneva account held by Dubai-based SOCAR Trading DMMC. A money laundering investigation into a gas contract between the Azerbaijani oil company SOCAR and the Republic of Malta, which lawyer Daphne Kaurna Galicia had just before her murder, was announced that in 2017.

As a reminder, in 2017 the head of SOCAR’s marketing department, Adnan Ahmedzadeh, became Executive Chairman of Socar Trading in Geneva. Previously, he was a member of the Socar Trading Board and headed SOCAR’s Marketing and Economic Department.

Maryam Almaszade ,Vagif Aliyev ,Rovnag Abdullayev,Adnan Akhmedzade ,Valeriy Qalovushkin

Maryam Almaszade has been appointed executive director of Socar Trading. She replaced Arzu Azimov in this position, who will continue to work at Socar Trading in another position, SOCAR reported.

In addition, Adnan Ahmedzade’s brother, Khayal Ahmedzade, works as a Business Development Manager in the LPG sector at SOCAR Trading Switzerland. Khayal Ahmedzadeh owns real estate and companies in Switzerland,UK,UAA,Singapur and etc

All paragraphs of Article 7 of the LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF AZERBAIJAN on combating corruption have been violated.

Nach Informationen ist Turab Musayev, der im Fall von Dafna Galiziya genannte ehemalige Chef des Handelsunternehmens SOCAR Trading Switzerland , ein enger Freund und Klassenkamerad von Adnan Ahmadzadeh.Es wird behauptet, dass Turan Musayev durch Adnan Ahmadzadeh zu SOCAR Trading chef wurde.

Socar Trading S&L DMCC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Supra Holding, which was founded on June 16, 2010 in Dubai. The company „traded crude oil and petroleum and manages petroleum-related logistics services in the Arabian Gulf, East Africa, Indian Ocean and Caspian Sea markets.“ 20 Anar Alizade was thus involved through Supra Holding.

Dezember 2013 Anonymous von Aserbaidschan Annex azerbaijan-anonymous-companies-annex-2_2Download

Investigation by Global Witness has revealed that Azerbaijani state-owned oil company Socar has been involved in at least 50 production sharing agreements, joint ventures, or other large deals related to a man, Anar Alizade (see page 13 of Azerbaijan Anonymous) companies who own them are below listed.

1.Supra Holding Limited (Supra) was incorporated on December 11, 2007 in Malta held 25% of the shares and Heritage General Trading FZE (Heritage) which held the other 25% of the shares and Renfrel holds 10%

2.In August 2012, Heritage transferred 30% of the company’s shares to Socar for $ 100 million, followed by the other 10% in November 2012 for $ 3 million for $ 30 million while a single share was in Hoijare Investments Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Socar.

3.On December 27, 2012 the name of Supra Holding was changed to Socar Trading Holding Limited.

4.Since December 31, 2008, Supra has held 100% of the shares in Socar Trading SA.

5.Supra also holds 100% of the shares in Socar International S&L DMCC Dubai and Supra Investments SA UNİON GRAND ENERGYDownload

6.Anar Alizade was a direct shareholder in Heritage until 2008 when it was bought by Union Grand Energy. Aliyev was the sole shareholder of Union Grand Energy until January 2013.Union Grand Energy PTE Ltd hisse devriDownload

7.Socar Trading SA was founded on December 17th, 2007 in Switzerland.

8.It has been wholly owned by Supra Holding since December 31, 2008

9.Anar Aliyev was a director in the company from August 19, 2009 to April 25, 2012.

10.He held a stake in the company through his stake in Supra Holding, the parent company of Socar Trading SA.

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