Anar Alizade sued for fraud.President of Palmali Holding Mubariz Mansimov sued Anar Alizade

Mubariz Gurbanoğlu Mansimov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Palmali Holding, was detained on March 15, 2020 by the teams of the Istanbul Financial Crimes Branch Office as part of the investigation carried out by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. On March 17, 2020, the on duty Criminal Judgeship of Peace decided to arrest Gurbanoğlu on the charge of «being a member of the FETO armed terrorist organization».

First of all, as a result of the investigation opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office based on a report made to CIMER by a citizen named Mustafa Topuz on 22/06/2017, it was understood that there was no evidence about Mubariz Mansimov for being a member of the FETÖ/PDY armed terrorist organization. The Prosecutor’s Office has decided that there is no place to bring it on behalf of the public.

About 7 months after the said decision of the prosecutor’s office, former Palmali employees, Alaattin Aykaç, Ali Kemal Çelikten, Fatih Berber, Mehmet Ercil went to the prosecutor’s office and reported Mubariz Mansimov. Regarding the indictment prepared by the Public Prosecutor’s Office based on the statements of the aforementioned people and Mubariz Mansimov’s secretary, Natalia Alieva, lawyer Prof. Dr. Ersan Şen made the following statements last January.

While the trial of Mubariz Gurbanoğlu Mansimov, a philanthropist businessman of Azerbaijan origin, continued, important information about the case was revealed with the efforts of investigative journalists.
We publish this information with difference.

According to the information and documents reached by, information and documents obtained from the trade registry records and the news published in the press about the six witnesses who testified against Mubariz Mansimov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Palmali Holding. We share with the public the information and documents contained in the aforementioned report, considering the social interests and that they will be beneficial to the public lawsuit filed against Mubariz Mansimov.

Witness Alaattin Aykac

On July 6, 2009, Maritime Holding Company Limited was established in Malta on Alaattin Aykaç. (Annex-2.1, Annex-2.2, Annex-3).
The company’s capital is worth $7,281,756. Partners Alaattin Aykaç and Natalia Alieva. Alaattin Aykaç owns 99.99% of the shares. Alaattin Aykaç is a partner in Maritime Holding Company Limited through Blue Water Shipping Company Ltd registered in the island state of Saint Kitts And Nevis.
On 30 December 2018 the address of Maritime Holding Company Limited was moved to 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1455 Malta.
On 27 August 2009, Eurotrade Co. on Alaattin Aykaç in Malta. Limited Company was established.

Ali Kemal Celikten, who was dismissed from Palmali Group in 2016, joined Eurotrade Co. on 03.06.2016. He started to work as a director in a limited company. He continued this duty until 09.03.2018.
Ali Kemal Celikten Appointed Document-10
Ali Kemal Celikten resignation Document-11
Eurotrade Co. The address of the limited company was moved to 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1455 Malta on the day Ali Kemal Çelikten was appointed as the director (03.06.2016).
This address is still the official address of the company. At this address, there is also Yalıkavak Holding Limited (formerly Palmarina Holding Limited), a subsidiary of RSR Holding, registered in the name of SOCAR’s business partner, Azeri businessman Anar Alizade.

Many subsidiaries of SOCAR in Malta are located at the same address.
From the report published by Global Witness in 2013, it is understood that many commercial partnerships have been made between Anar Alizade and SOCAR.

Yalikavak Holding Limited (formerly Palmarina Holding Limited), registered in Malta, is the new owner of Bodrum Yalıkavak (formerly Palmarina) marina, previously registered to Mubariz Mansimov.azerbaijan-anonymous-companies-annex-2_2Download

5 more shipping companies named Titan Shipping in Malta on Maritime Holding Limited (Titan Shipping — 1 Co. Ltd, Titan Shipping — 2 Co. Ltd, Titan Shipping — 3 Co. Ltd, Titan Shipping — 4 Co. Ltd, Titan Shipping — 5 Co. Ltd) is registered. Of these companies, Titan Shipping — 1, 2,3 was established on July 6, 2009, and Titan Shipping — 4.5 on March 17, 2010.
SOCAR Vetting Company Limited was established on Alaattin Aykaç in Malta in 2010. SOCAR Vetting Company Limited was dissolved in 2019.
Alaattin Aykaç served as an Independent Board Member at Petkim between 2012 and 2013.

Companies that Alaattin Aykaç has not yet transferred to Mansimov:

  • Pal Petrol Ürünleri Ticaret Sanayi Limited Şirketi- 55% share (capital share: 1.1 million TL)
  • Pal Logistics and Transportation Services Limited Company — 60% share

OCAR Vetting Company Limited (Malta)
Maritime Holding Company Limited (Malta)
Titan Shipping — 1 Co. Ltd (Malta)
Titan Shipping — 2 Co. Ltd (Malta)
Titan Shipping — 3 Co. Ltd (Malta)
Titan Shipping — 4 Co. Ltd (Malta)
Titan Shipping — 5 Co. Ltd (Malta)
Paltrans Holding Company Limited (Malta)
Stork Alliance Holding Limited (Malta)
Stork Alliance Trading Limited (Malta)
Blue Water Shipping Company Ltd (Saınt Kitts And Nevis)

Witness Ali Kemal Çelikten

On 29 December 2016, Investhouse Management Co LTD was established in Malta on behalf of Ali Kemal Çelikten’s wife, Natalia Çelikten. Ali Kemal Çelikten is the director of the company. Investhouse Management Co LTD uses 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1455 Malta as its official address.
Document — 26.1
Document — 26.2

Ali Kemal Çelikten has been working as a director at Arrow Star Holding LTD since 22.11.2017.
Until October 22, 2020, the sole shareholder of Arrow Star Holding LTD was Azerbaijani citizen Ilham Gadim-zada.
Ilham Gadim-zada
On October 22, 2020, Ilham Gadim-zada transferred Arrow Star Holding company to an Azerbaijani citizen named Orkhan Huseynov.

Ilham Gadim-zada’s father, Vagif Gadimov, served as a senior manager at SOCAR until 2002. Vagif Gadimov was assassinated in 2002.

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Until September 1, 2020, Arrow Star Holding company operated at 171 Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1455 Malta.

There are the following companies within the body of Arrow Star Holding LTD, where Ali Kemal Çelikten is the director:
Arrow Star Shipping 1 Company Limited (Malta). Established September 1, 2017

Arrow Star Shipping 2 Company Limited (Malta). Established September 1, 2017

Arrow Star Trading Co. Limited (Malta). Founded November 29, 2017

Arrow Star Shipping 3 Co. Limited (Malta). Established November 25, 2019
Arrowstar Trading Petrol and Shipping Inc. (Turkey Istanbul). Founded April 3, 2018

Ali Kemal Çelikten is the CEO of Arrow Star Trading Company. Babek Beydullayev, the manager of SOCAR Polymer, has been working as a consultant to Ali Kemal Çelikten since September 2018, in parallel with his duty at SOCAR Polymer. This information was obtained from Babek Beydullayev’s and accounts.
In accordance with the contract signed with Türkter and Yardimcileri Shipyard in May 2013, 5 Armada type chemical product tankers with a carrying capacity of 7,150 DWT were built with the order of BMZ Group Denizcilik ve İnşaat Sanayi company.

The first of these tankers was M/T MECID ASLANOVA, on 18 June 2014, the second was M/T BEGIM ASLANOVA in December 2014, and the other 3 (M/T POET QABIL, M/T ARMADA FAIR, M/T ARMADA BREEZE) were in 2015. It was delivered to BMZ Shipping Company and leased to Palmali Shipping Company for 10 years.
When the ships were launched, they were registered in the name of BMZ Group Maritime and Construction Industry.

BMZ Group Maritime Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Company Details
The ships in question were built with a loan of 90 million dollars, which Palmali Group transferred from Albaraka Turk Bank to BMZ Group. Tuzla Tanker İşletmeciliği Anonim Şirketi is the company that operates the Türkter and Assistant shipyards. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Company Details.

Board of directors of BMZ Shipping and Tuzla Tanker Management companies T.C. It consists of relatives of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Some time after the ships were launched, Oil Transportation and Shipping Services Co., registered in Malta. It was registered as a limited company and started to carry the Maltese flag.
The river tanker M/T BEGIM ASLANOVA built for BMZ Group Denizcilik was launched.

The construction of 5 of the 10 river tankers built for BMZ Group Denizcilik was abandoned.
Bilal Erdogan’s new ship M/T POET QABIL has been transferred to the company established in Malta
Erdogan family withdrew from the maritime sector! 5 chemical product tankers belonging to BMZ Denizcilik were sold
The fleet of ships belonging to the Erdogan family was sold to SOCAR
On 6 September 2016, 5 shipping companies (Planeo Shipping Limited, Caminero Shipping Limited, Blue Lake Star Shipping Limited, Milagress Shipping Limited, Prover Shipping Limited) were registered in Malta on behalf of İlham Gadim-zada.

Oil Transportation and Shipping Services Co. 5 ships registered on a limited company (names: MECID ASLANOV, BEGIM ASLANOVA, POET QABIL, ARMADA FAIR, ARMADA BREEZE) were transferred to 5 ship companies opened in Malta on behalf of İlham Gadim-zada in September 2016.
After the ships were transferred to İlham Gadim-zada, their names were changed as follows.Previous name of the ship New name of the ship

On 15 December 2016, these ships were transferred to SOCAR Logistics DMCC, one of the companies registered on İlham Gadim-zada.
SOCAR Logistics DMCC is a subsidiary of SOCAR Overseas Ltd, established in Dubai under SOCAR.

After the ships were transferred to SOCAR Logistics, the lease agreement with Palmali Holding was canceled and leased to a company called Frachtmortans established in Moscow. The partners of the RUSSIAN BELGE Frachtmortans company consist of Gaşim Mövsümzade, ex-manager of BP Azerbaijan, and Namik Gadirov, ex-manager of SOCAR Logistics DMCC. Namik Gadirov is still SOCAR’s United Maritime Logistics PTE Ltd. in Singapore. He works as a director in the company.

Witness Fatih Barber

After Fatih Berber was dismissed from Palmali offis It continues its commercial activities under the auspices of Alaattin Aykaç. Alaattin Aykaç has been serving as a Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee of Demirören Gazetecilik A.Ş., the owner of media organs such as Hürriyet and CNN Türk, since 2018. In 2018, Demirören Group, with a founding capital of 387 million euros, Hürriyet Invest B.V. He sold his company to Fatih Berber for 1 euro

Alaattin Aykaç was fired from the Palmali Group at the beginning of 2016 for committing fraud with Fatih Berber and Ali Kemal Çelik. These individuals are accused of fraudulent transfer of shares in Palmarina marina. In addition, lawsuits were filed in Istanbul, Dubai and London against Alaattin Aykaç and Fatih Berber for not transferring the companies registered on them.

Mubariz Mansimov filed a lawsuit against Anar Alizade’s RSR Holding and Palmarina Holding at the Bodrum 4th Civil Court of First Instance for the cancellation of the fraudulent sale. In the petition, it is stated that the shares of Palmali Hotel belonging to the plaintiff Palmali Otelcilik were valued at 31 million 915 thousand 732 dollars and transferred to the defendant Palmarina Holding on February 4, 2016, but the said transfer price was determined incorrectly. damage has been reported.
Filed a lawsuit to take back Marina and her hotel
Singapore-based RSR Holding and Malta-based Palmarina Holding Limited (now YalIkavak Holding Limited) were founded by Anar Alizade.

Mansimov stated that he will take back the marina in Bodrum legally:
«I think Palmarina is one of the best investments we have made in Turkey. I think it is a good place, a good brand not only for the company but also for the people of Turkey. As for the business, I find those who are working at the moment unsuccessful. Because these are comfortable money. People who are used to earning and doing business. People who have not earned anything in life by making their own efforts. I think their business mentality is zero because they do not understand the value of labor. They removed the Azerbaijani flag from there. This is a very sad event. Azeris run a place and raise the Azerbaijani flag from there. Let me know this «The people who gave it to me are my Turkish brothers. I immediately intervened in the incident and we had our flag hung there again. We will take over the operation of the marina through law. It is an agreement that the former managers of Palmali made wrong.»
Palmali will have its new ship fleet built in Turkey

Witness Mehmet Ercil

Mehmet Ercil 2016 yılında Palmali’den ayrılmıştır. 4 Şubat 2019 yılında 10 MİLYON LİRA sermaye ile Linoil Enerji ve Akaryakıt Dağıtım A.Ş.’yi kurmuştur. Linoil Enerji İstanbul Ticaret Odası’na Mah.

Tanık Natalia Alieva

Natalia Alieva has been a partner with Alaattin Aykaç in Maritime Holding Company Limited since its establishment.
In February 2015, Alaattin Aykaç established a company called REZERV GIDA URUNLERI TEKSTIL SANAYİ VE DIŞ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ in partnership with Belarusian businessman Mikalai Varabei and the former director of Fenerbahçe club Aziz Yıldırım.
In addition to being the secretary of Natalia Alieva Mansimov, she worked as a director from 12 June 2014 until 6 December 2019 at Pristine Trading Company Limited, established in Malta, owned by Alaattin Aykaç’s partner, Belarusian businessman Mikalai Varabei.
Natalia Alieva worked as Mansimov’s secretary in Palmali until 2019. Here are candid photos of Mubariz Mansimov, Vugar Hussein and Natalia Alieva taken together as a team in Palmali in March 2019.

Witness Vugar Huseyin

Vugar Huseyin served as Assistant General Manager responsible for Administrative Affairs at Palmali Holding.
Although Vugar Huseyin left Palmali in 2019, he did not transfer the three registered companies to Mubariz Mansimov.

The companies in question are:
Other companies registered in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Vugar Huseyin:
ADO G DENİZCİLİK SANAYİ VE DIŞ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ serves as the Turkey office of ADO-G Group of Companies, headquartered in Baku and subcontracting to SOCAR.
Before joining Vugar Huseyin Palmali, he served in the national intelligence agency in Azerbaijan. Mubariz Mansimov stated in his hearing on January 13, 2021 that Vugar Huseyin has started working in the Azerbaijan national intelligence agency again.
SOCAR and Palmali Group had good relations until 2015.
Palmali International SA was established in Switzerland by Mansimov on 02.09.2008.

Palmali International SA and SOCAR Trading SA companies used the office in Geneva at the address ‘rue de Villereuse 22, 1207 Genève’.

Emin Demirov worked as the general manager in Palmali International SA between 2008-2011 and Elşad Hacıyev in 2011-2018. These persons also served as the manager of SOCAR Trading SA in the same period. Palmali International SA was established to transport SOCAR oil together.
Based on the contract signed on March 20, 2008 between Palmali and SOCAR regarding the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products, a loan agreement of 120 million dollars was signed between Palmali International Holding Limited and SOCAR on October 5, 2009 at LIBOR + 4.5 %interest.

Within the framework of the loan agreement, 340 of the 514 shares of Palmali International SA, which was established in Switzerland, were allocated as collateral for the loan obtained from SOCAR. The repayment schedule of this loan, which was used for the purchase of 14 tankers for Palmali International SA, was established within 12 years. The shares were to be returned to Mansimov when the loan was repaid.

According to SOCAR’s 2015 annual report, it is understood that at the end of 2015, Palmali Group’s loan debt to SOCAR was 122 million AZN (78 million dollars) and the Palmali Group of companies paid off 42 million dollars of loan debt in 2009-2015.
But later, Mansimov accused SOCAR executives of corruption and ended relations with SOCAR.
Mansimov left the ships purchased with SOCAR loan to SOCAR. SOCAR did not find the transferred ships on the basis of the loan agreement sufficient and filed a lawsuit against Palmali. Within the scope of this lawsuit, a lien decision was taken on the affiliates of Palmali Group of Companies in Malta in 2018.
Lawsuits regarding the loan agreement are pending in London arbitration courts between SOCAR and Palmali Group.
Some of the transferred ships: Heydar Aliyev, Zarifa Aliyeva, Guneshli, Azerbaijan, Baku, Absheron, Shah Deniz.
SOCAR Purchases 7 Tankers from Palmali Shipping

In the letter he published on his Instagram page, Mubariz Mansimov stated that he was set up by SOCAR President Rövneg Abdullayev and SOCAR’s partner Anar Alizade by the hands of 4 former Palmali employees, and one of the former ministers M.A. (Mehmet Ağar) supported them in this work.

In the letter he sent from prison, Mubariz Mansimov writes: «In their lies and slander, they financed M.A. (Mehmet Ağar), one of the former ministers, and acted together with SOCAR and another organization (RSR Holding), and paid prosecutors and judges.»

Mehmet Ağar’s son, Tolga Ağar, served as the general manager and chairman of the board of directors at Bodrum Yalıkavak Turizm ve Yat Limani Yatırımları ve Ticaret A.Ş., which operates the Palmarina marina. After being elected as AK Party deputy in 2018, Tolga Ağar’s father, former minister of interior and justice Mehmet Ağar was appointed as the chairman of the board of directors. Mehmet Ağar is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bodrum Yalıkavak Tourism and Yacht Harbor Investments and Trade Inc.

Anar Alizade is still in Bodrum Yalıkavak Tourism and Yacht Harbor Investments and Trade Inc. owns the company. Bodrum Yalıkavak Tourism and Yacht Harbor Investments and Trade Inc. It is affiliated to BYK Otel İşletmeleri Yatırım ve Turizm Limited company (formerly Palmali Otel İşletmeleri Yatırım ve Turizm Limited company).

BYK Otel İşletmeleri Yatırım ve Turizm Limited company is affiliated with Yalikavak Holding Limited (formerly Palmarina Holding Limited) registered in Malta. Yalikavak Holding Limited is affiliated to Aspect Consultancies -F.Z.E, registered in Dubai. Aspect Consulting

President of Palmali Holding Mr.Mansimov:Just be patient.

Abdullayevs, his relatives, Anar Aliyev, Adnan Ahmadzade! If your annual earnings and wealth are sold, people’s gas and electricity bills are paid every month.
Enough is enough, you stole from the state and got into people’s pockets!
If I were to write about your games at SOCAR Trading, which I once did business with and left after seeing you were a thief, you would not find a place for yourself in this world.
Anar Alizade , who used to be waiting at my door, boasts that he founded SOCAR Trading. You wouldn’t be able to move if it wasn’t for my connections in Switzerland
You have abused the trust of the state and built a kingdom for yourself with the wealth of my people. Adnan Ahmadzade, the whole world is talking about your wealth. From your car, your company, your property…

You have been trying to destroy Palmali for the last 4 years. You will not succeed!

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