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Mehmet Ağar: From Susurluk gang to marina boss

Who is Mehmet Ağar, who was on the agenda with the accusations of Sedat Peker and his apology to Soylu? How did Ağar, who was convicted of being a “gang manager” in the Susurluk case, turn into a “business person”?

Turkish Mafia boss Sedat Peker, who is today the Chairman of Yalıkavak Marina, called Mehmet Ağar the “head of the deep state” and accused him of “collapsing into the property” of the former owner of the marina, Azeri businessman Mubariz Gurbanoğlu. The statement given by Ağar, who rejected the allegations, “If we were not there, the mafia would have collapsed there” caused the reaction of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. After Soylu’s harsh reaction, Ağar described these words as “tongue slip” and apologized to Soylu and the Police Department.

Along with the accusations of Sedat Peker, Mehmet Ağar’s photograph at Yalıkavak Marina with Alaattin Çakıcı, former Special Forces Commander Lt. Gen. Engin Alan and his “counselor” retired Colonel Korkut Eken during the Susurluk period brought to mind the Susurluk period. Mehmet Ağar’s photo at Yalıkavak Marina with Alaattin Çakıcı, retired Lieutenant General Engin Alan, former Special Forces Commander, and retired Col. Korkut Eken, his counsel during the Susurluk period Mehmet Ağar’s photo at Yalıkavak Marina with Alaattin Çakıcı, retired Lieutenant General Engin Alan, former Special Forces Commander, and retired Colonel Korkut Eken, his “counselor” during the Susurluk period Mehmet Ağar is a name convicted of “gang management” in the Susurluk case, where the dirty relations in the police-mafia-politics triangle were revealed for a period, and his name was implicated in the unsolved murders.

So what was the Susurluk incident? How did Mehmet Ağar take part in the formation called “Susurluk gang” in the 1990s, how was he convicted by the judiciary? Susurluk accident revealed the organization The accident that took place on 3 November 1996 when a Mercedes brand car numbered 06 AC 600 crashed into a truck in Susurluk district of Balikesir at around 19:15, the dark relations in the “police-mafia-politics” triangle emerged in Turkey. As a result of the accident, the person with the identity of Mehmet Özbay, Gonca Us and the driver of the car, Istanbul Kemalettin Eröge Police School Director and police chief Hüseyin Kocadağ lost their lives. The owner of the car, Şanlıurfa Deputy Sedat Edip Bucak, was injured. Shortly after the accident, it was understood that the person with a fake identity, Mehmet Özbay, was the fugitive Abdullah Çatlı and Gonca Us’s lover.

The crime file of Abdullah Çatlı was quite high. Çatlı, in Turkey, opening fire on the police in 1997, the murder of 7 TİP students in Bahçelievler district of Ankara in 1978 and Assoc. Dr. He was the fugitive suspect in the murder of Bedrettin Cömert. Çatlı, whose name was involved in the drug trade abroad, was arrested many times and went to prison. When he escaped from the Swiss-Bostadel Prison in 1990, a red notice was issued about him. Çatlı was wandering around Turkey by waving his hand, despite being sought everywhere, especially in the early 1990s. The documents seized during the search carried out on Çatlı after the accident showed that the power behind him who protected him was Mehmet Ağar, the General Director of the Police and the Minister of Internal Affairs at the time. Under the gun carrying document with the photograph of Çatlı and the name of Mehmet Özbay, there was the name and signature of Ağar. Safety weapons and bullets in the vehicle The arsenal came out of the trunk of the vehicle. The real scandal was understood as a result of the investigation into the origin of the weapons. Some weapons and bullets were determined to belong to the Special Operations Department inventory. It turned out that some of these weapons “disappeared” from Israel. In the report on Agar, it was determined that these weapons and bullets are “an effective assassination weapon that responds to the need to kill someone secretly and silently”.

However, the Attorney General of the Istanbul State Security Court at the time seized the event. As a result of the public reaction and the pressure of politics, Mehmet Ağar resigned from his post of Ministry of Interior on 8 November 1996. In this process, court decisions, TBMM Susurluk Investigation Commission and Prime Ministry Inspection Board Reports more clearly revealed the illegal activities of the Susurluk gang and Mehmet Ağar.

The murder of Ömer Lütfü Topal was one of the most discussed and unsolved murders in the 90s, which was also the subject of the Susurluk case. Ömer Lütfi Topal, who is the manager of the imperial casinos and nicknamed the “King of Casinos,” was killed in his car in Sarıyer, Istanbul on 28 July 1996 after being scanned with automatic weapons.

UZI brand automatic weapon was found in a vehicle that was abandoned after the murder.It was used by the Special Operations Department. Abdullah Çatlı’s fingerprint was found on the magazine of another gun seized in the vehicle used by the suspects.However, at that time, the Istanbul State Security Court Chief Prosecutor seized the event. As a result of the public’s reaction and the pressure of politics, Mehmet Ağar resigned from his post of Ministry of Interior on 8 November 1996.

The Susurluk case and the trial of Mehmet Ağar

The trial of the Susurluk gang led by Ağar started in 1997 at the Istanbul No.6 State Security Court. Announcing its verdict in 2001, the court sentenced one of the defendants, the Deputy Head of the Special Operations Department, İbrahim Şahin and former MİT officer Korkut Eken, to 6 years in prison for “forming a gang to commit a crime”. Six police officers and deputy Sedat Edip Bucak’s driver Abdülgani Kızılkaya and Ömer Lütfü Topal’s business partner Sami Hoştan were each sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Mehmet Ağar, on the other hand, was tried in Ankara 11th High Criminal Court when his immunity was lifted. In 2011, Ağar was sentenced to 5 years in prison for “forming an armed organization to commit a crime”.

Mehmet Ağar, convicted of leading the Susurluk gang in the 1990s and accused of unsolved murders, now looks like a “businessperson” who is the Chairman of Yalıkavak Marina’s Board of Directors. Ağar’s rise again took place under the AKP government, which claimed to be fighting gangs.

Mehmet Ağar: From Susurluk gang to Yalikavak marina boss

Anar Alizade, one of the founders of SOCAR Trading Switzerland ,Union Grant Energy, joined the Bodrum Yalikavak yacht port, which was bought by Mubariz Mansimov, owner of Palmali Holding, in 2011 from Profilo Holding owner Jefi Kemhi for $ 42 million. Thus, according to the Turkish business registry, RSR Holding, founded by Anar Alizade in Singapore in 2007, acquired a 50% stake in Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited, owned by Mubariz Mansimov, in March 2012. The document was signed by Agshin Salimov, who is currently acting sales and marketing director of Petkim, representing RSR Holding.azerbaijan_anonymous_lr_0Download

With additional investment in the port, the yacht’s reception capacity has been doubled. The Palmarina yacht port, which became the largest yacht port in Turkey after reconstruction, was put into operation in June 2013.

In May 2014, at the insistence of Anar Alizade, Tolga Agar, the son of former Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice Mehmet Agar, was brought to the leadership of Palmarina (Yalikavak). Although there were rumors in the media about the sale of Palmarina to SOCAR in 2015, Palmali Holding said that these reports did not reflect the truth.

Tolga Agar and Mehmet Agar

At the same time, Mubariz Mansimov told the press that Palmarina will not be sold.’yi-ve-otellerini-satacak-mi-h26646.html

In January-February 2016, Anar Alizadeh, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bodrum Yalikavak Tourism and Yacht Port Investments and Trade Anonymous Company, to which Palmarina is affiliated, Tolga Agar, and 4 senior executives and signatories of the Palmali Group of Companies – Alaattin Aykaç, Mehmet Ercil, along with Fatih Berber and Ali Kemal Celikten, seized Mubariz Mansimov’s shares. Thus, on January 14, 2016, the owner of RSR Holding Anar Alizadeh founded Palmarina Holding Limited (new name: Yalikavak Holding Limited) in Malta at the address where SOCAR group companies are registered (171, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT1455, Malta). was made. February 15, 2016

Who were they?
The company’s CEO is Alaattin Aykaç, Finance Coordinator Ali Kemal Çelikten and Finance Audit Manager Mehmet Ercil.
In 2012, Mubariz Mansimov (Gurbanoğlu) decided to buy a partner in his company to expand his investment in Bodrum.
Therefore, it sold 50 percent of the company’s shares to RSR Holding.

On February 3, 2016, Palmali Hotel Operations sold the shares of the Investment and Tourism company to RSR Holding.
Who is the owner of RSR Holding?
-Anar Alizade.

RSR Holding handed over the marina to Palmarina Holding Ltd., located in Malta.
Who is Palmarina Holding?
-Of course Anar Alizade.

The shares of Palmali Hotel Tourism and Agency Limited, which has a 100% stake in Palmali Hotel Operations and Tourism Limited, were transferred to Palmarina Holding Limited without Mubariz Mansimov’s knowledge.

This, in 2016, Anar Alizadeh took full control of the Palmarina yacht port and hotels in the port. As soon as Mubariz Mansimov found out about the fraud, he fired them and filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit against these employees for organized fraud is still ongoing. Mubariz Mansimov also filed a lawsuit in the Economic Court alleging fraud in the sale of his shares, demanding that the new owners of the yacht port and hotels – Palmarina Holding Limited and its founder RSR Holding – be annulled by a court decision. Although the port was sold on paper, Mubariz Mansimov was not paid for the sale. Along with the yacht port, Palmalife Marina Hotel and Palmarina Boutique Hotel Bodrum were also seized.

According to the Turkish Trade Register newspaper dated February 22, 2016, all shares of Palmarina Holding Limited belong to RSR Holding, which was established in Singapore.According to the Singapore Business Register and the Global Witness Report (page 16), Anar Alizadeh is the founder and CEO of RSR Holding.

It should be noted that Tolga Agar, the director general of the yacht port, was elected an AKP member of parliament in 2018 from Erdogan’s party. Mehmet Agar, Tolga Agar’s father, has been appointed chairman of the supervisory board in the mega-port port confiscated by Anar Alizade from Mubariz Mansimov in 2018.

Tolga Agar first from left

Currently, the port’s supervisory board consists of Mehmet Kemal Agar, Zulfu Tolga Agar, Koray Atalik, Ali Polat, Moreno Occohiolini, Vagif Karimli, Ilgar Valiyev.

In a letter from prison, Mubariz Mansimov mentioned Mehmet Agar as one of the people accused of organizing the slander. “In their lies and slanders, they co-financed M.A. (former Turkish Interior and Justice Minister Mehmet Agar) with SOCAR and another body (RSR Holding) and bribed prosecutors and judges.”

Who was the Arrow Star Group of Companies, of which Ali Kemal Çelikten was chairman?
Azerbaijani citizen Ilham Gadım-Zada.

Her father, Vagif Gadimov, was assassinated in 2002 when he was a manager of SOCAR.
That is why it is an important name in SOCAR.
What do Ilham Gadım-Zade and Mubariz Mansimov (Gurbanoglu) have to do?
Although it is not directly related to the events related to Bodrum Yalıkavak marina, it has an important place in the experiences of Mubariz Mansimov.
Let’s continue the yacht harbor issue by opening parentheses.

On September 7, 2016, SOCAR Logistics DMCC, registered in Dubai in a tax-free zone but managed from Geneva, Switzerland, establishes five companies in Malta.

Its address is, as always, coincidentally, Investhouse Management Co., founded on the wife of Arrow Star Group of Companies and Ali Kemal Çelikten. Same with Limited.
The names of these companies are Milagress, Caminero, Prover, Blue Lake Star and Planeo.
The founder of all five companies is a familiar name.
Ilham Gadım-Zada …

Let’s refresh our memory a little bit.
We know that Mubariz Gurbanoğlu (Mansimov) was close to the family of AKP Chairman and President Erdogan for a while.
Erdogan’s brother Mustafa Erdogan, his son Bilal Erdogan and his brother-in-law Ziya Ilgen had maritime companies called BMZ Group, which was established in the Isle of Man.

BMZ Group bought “ships” for $ 18 million each from Palmali Holding owned by Mubariz Gurbanoğlu (Mansimov).
They even built a “ship” together and took part in that well-known photo frame at the launching ceremony in February 2015.

Mehmet Agar is known in Turkey as a patron of mafia groups. Mehmet Agar created a mafia group during his tenure at the General Police Department in the 1990s and allegedly took large bribes from dozens of Kurdish businessmen on charges of being on the PKK list. It has been proved that the mafia group created by Mehmet Agar was involved in hundreds of crimes in Turkey.

In addition, there are numerous reports in the Turkish press that the Agar family controls the drug trade in Turkey. It is not ruled out that the Palmarina yacht port is currently used for this purpose.–597994-gundem/

Mehmet Agar is a deep state leader who controls the entire Turkish justice and police system
According to Turkish journalist Can Atakli, the Turkish Interior Ministry is currently in charge of Mehmet Agar and is working with Suleyman Soylu Mehmet Agar.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu is known as Mehmet Agar’s cadre. In 2008, Mehmet Agar resigned from the Democratic Party, which he led, and allowed Suleyman Soylu to be elected party chairman.

In an interview with Haberturk TV, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu admitted that he often met with Mehmet Agar.

Mehmet Agar and Suleyman Soylu

As a result of this investigation, it became clear that SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev and his cousin Anar Alizadeh, together with Mehmet Agar, one of the most powerful figures of the deep state in Turkey, seized the property of Mubariz Mansimov.

After that, Mubariz Mansimov was arrested on baseless allegations and with the consent of Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.
Prior to his arrest, Azeri mafia boss Loti Guli, one of the leaders of the criminal world in CİS region, who was killed in Turkey this year, was invited to Turkey by Mehmet Agar from Azerbaijan to assassinate businessman Mubariz Mansimov.

The Turkish mafia Sedat Peker said that together with the leadership of SOCAR’s management and the then Turkish Interior Minister Mehmet Agar, the leader of the criminal gangs from Azerbaijan named Loti Quli in Turkey were invited to meet the businessman the company Palmali Mubariz Mansimov to kill.

The criminal authority was brought to Turkey by the order of Mehmet Agar. The transfer of the criminal authority to Turkey was agreed with the then head of the State Security Committee of Azerbaijan Madat Guliyev.

Mehmet Agir is the secret name of the head of the ” Deep state of Turkey.” Mehmet Agir is accused of blackmail and kidnapping in the murder of thousands of people in Turkey as well as in Europe

This television channel reports that the shipping company has been registered in Malta with 5 different companies since 2016 by the son of President Turkey Bilal Erdogan – These 5 companies in Malta are managed by SOCAR. All these ties are made in Singapore RSR Holding headquarters. The main figure in this holding is Anar Alizade. Research shows that companies such as SOCAR, PETKIM lead to President Ilham Aliyev.

The business partner, partner and shareholder, the firm RSR Holding headquarters of the 2007 in Singapore founded by Anar Alizade, is the eks interior minister of Turkey Mehmet Agir.

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