How much did Anar Alizade give to Ali Kemal Celikten for betrayal to Mubariz Mansimov?

In this blog you can find information about the corruption facts of the SOCAR management

The questions are:
How much did Anar Alizade give to Ali Kemal Celikten for betrayal to Mubariz Mansimov?

Who is Ilham Gadimzada, the millionaire who was kidnapped by Haji Mammadov?

In the previous article, we presented official information proving SOCAR’s strategic partnership with“Palmali”Group of Companies. All this was undeniable evidence and contrary to the claims of the SOCARmanagement,Mubariz MansimovandSOCARhad a partnership. In 2016, the formalization of oil revenuesin the names of the relatives of SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev caused Mubariz Mansimov’s justifiedprotest and he ended the partnership. After that, Rovnag Abdullayev and Anar Alizade tampered 4employees of Mansimov’s companies and began to seize the yacht port and hotels belonging to “Palmali”Group of Companies at the expense of falsifying several documents. In this article, we present to you withofficial documents how this process was carried out and how much Mubariz Mansimov’s formeremployee,Ali Kemal Celikten

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