SOCAR hand reached out to Europe. Anar Alizade, who wanted to silence the Free Press

Yesterday a video was posted on the social network about the son of the president of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) Rovnag Abdullayev ,Rashad Abdullayev driving a Mercedes AMG S 63 V222 worth $ 1.5 million on the streets of London. Please note that the video is not secret or pirated. Rashad Abdullaev personally agreed to watch and shoot his car in the London yellow press. The GUCCI T-shirt he wears costs 1,500 euros.

In general, the cost of clothing worn by Rashad Abdullayev during the competition is about 10,000 euros. And the watch of Rashad Abdullayev, as always, is 1-2 million euro . The question arises: where does this person get so much money from and why does the Azerbaijani government ignore it?

Rashad Abdullayev

in Azerbaijan not alone such person as Rashad Abdullayyev,he has a relative with the name.
Anar Alizade, whose name became known to the Azerbaijani public as part of the OCCRP (Project on the coverage of organized crime and corruption)
Anar Alizade created major corruption networks in Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, and London. The assets of Union Grand Energy, which he heads, are growing at $ 100 million a year and are now approaching $ 1 billion. He owns the largest yacht port in the Turkish region of Bodrum, estimated at about $ 2 billion.

Hyatt Center Hotel in Istanbul is owned by him and is valued at more than $ 200 million. His brother is the director of this center. He received all these riches not because of his mind, but thanks to his cousin Rovnag Abdullayev president of SOCAR.
These people are so proud that in Europe, for example, they hired a lawyer to silence the independent media, not in connection with the “justice for Khojaly,” which they always proclaimed. How shameless should a person be to repeatedly destroy my Websites , block access to the territory of Azerbaijan, and now sue to silence a free country in the world and personly me in – Switzerland? Do you know my home address fraudulently?

Or do they still want to kill other journalists (Fuad Agayev) in Europe, such as the Maltese journalist Daphne Galicia?

Recently, I received an email from one Italian campaign, the company offered me a service.

I agreed and they demanded my resum I sent them my data to conclude a contract
a few hours after sending my information in Italian Company , I received an email from one of the law offices in Geneva

I have nothing to fear. I appeal to all international organizations, domestic and foreign mass media of Azerbaijan, to democratic camps. Support me. In Europe, I will fight to the end against those who want to give your money to dear foreign lawyers and silence the free media forever. I am sure that I will win legally.
If I explode like the journalist Daphne Galicia in Malta, I’ll openly say Anar Alizade and his uncle President of Socar Rovnag Abdullayev will be to blame but I’m not afraid. I say openly this to Rovnag Abdullaev and Anar Alizade; I’m not afraid from your lawyer and of your court in Switzerland.
I am sure that law and justice will triumph in Switzerland, which for centuries has been the cradle of justice. This is neither Azerbaijan, nor Turkey, nor Ukraine for you. This was the place where the court was created.
Waiting for you with impatience in the Switzerland Court

Now I want to inform you about the past

It is about what happened why Anar Alizade wants to take revenge on me?
Attorneys for Azerbaijani businessman Anar Alizade, owner and founder of Union Union Energy PTE LLC, sent an email to my email address.
 The letter “discloses the identities of the oligarchs who flew to France in a private plane to have fun with the girls” published in the issue of my blog on April 15, 2020 Anar Alizade, a relative of Rovnag Abdullayev.
It is stated that the heading allegations do not reflect the truth, and I am obligated to remove the information from the site.I had nothing to do with this sharing

I stated that the views expressed in this article do not apply to me, and I always consider it my professional duty to reflect the views of the other side.

Let Anar, contact me and refute the information.
For example, expressed an interesting opinion about Anar Alizade.
In a letter from lawyer Anar Alizade, “http: // -il-b-lli-was-anar-lizad.html “do not open the link” stating that there is no fault either on the site’s employees or on, who distributed information linking to it. Everyone in the Azerbaijani media knows that there is no site that would write a negative opinion about the respected businessman Anar Alizade.

Let me tell you that this site is mine http: //
After providing information about Anar Alizad, his site was attacked and destroyed by DDOSS attack. When the controversial article was published on on April 15, our link was not open. This restriction was lifted after our appeal to the country’s leadership. Unfortunately,, which publishes the same article, and, the real author of the article, do not open. This means a violation of many articles of the Constitution and relevant legislation on the press, and we hope that the respected lawyer Kamandar Nasibov will explain this fact to his client. As a result, censorship of the Azerbaijani media will be completely eliminated, and the misunderstanding that we face today will end.

I consider this ugly act of Anar Alizade an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of the media in Europe.
Anar Alizade, who name was dealt with many common facts of corruption, would do well to comment on these facts and disclose his tax return.
I urge international organizations to support me in this matter.

I officially state that Anar Alizade and his lawyers Mark Bonnat,Kerim Ramadan and Secretarie Patricia Reeves are criminally responsible for all the bad things that happened to me and my family in Switzerland.

Fuad Agayev

Switzerland St.Gallen