Why a Russian intelligence spy Elshad Abdullayev hid his second citizenship from the French authorities

Why a Russian intelligence spy hid his second citizenship from the French authorities

Who is Elshad Abdullayev?

Former rector of the International University of Azerbaijan,fraudster, corrupt, killer,engaged in illegal trade transplantation of human organs, citizen of Russia and Azerbaijan, agent of the Federal Security Service of Russia!


What does he do in France?

Recently, our editorial office received a series of information about a corrupt official, the former rector of the International University of Azerbaijan Elshad Abdullayev, the euroasia-news.net writes.

According to information received on the site, the former rector Elshad Abdullayev does not want to give up his dirty blackmail in Europe.

The former rector, Elshad Abdullayev was an agent of the KGB Azerbaijan

He managed to carry out falsification activities in France.

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Refugee from Azerbaycan Elshad Abdullayev and his family ,Abdullayev Reyhan -wife, Aynur Abdullaye-daughter, Eltach Abdullayev – son in 2011 received Russian citizenship. But he concealed this fact from the French authorities when he asked for political asylum. Currently, his wife works in a Moscow polyclinic and is a citizen of Russia and she lives in this address Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, . Marfino village , Haus 26 B

�бдуллаева Рейхан Гу�ейн
Abdullayev Reyhan -wife

Refugee from Azerbaycan Elshad Abdullayev presented Azerbaijani passports to the French Migration Service, and the presence of passports of the Russian Federation were hidden from the French authorities.


Appealing to the French authorities for political asylum, the corrupt Azerbaijani Abdullayev concealed his dual citizenship from the migration service.

We received passport information confirming that Elshad Abdullayev is a citizen of Russia.

We present copies of passports of Russia belonging to him and his family:

  • Elshad Abdullaev – PASSPORT citizen of the Russian Federation -Abdullaev Elshad Islam oglu, 09/25/54 year of birth, series 4611, number 175161, issued by TP in the village. Nemchinovka OUFMS of Russia in the Moscow region in the Odintsovsky district January 14, 2011. Registered in the Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, . Marfino village , Haus 26 B. A foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, departed from the series 64, number 3967781.
A university named “CIS” in Moscow that Elshad Abdullayev bought a million dollar, hid from everyone

According to available information, the French authorities refused to grant political asylum to the professor – a fraudster, who for many years had to live with the three-month temporary residence permit granted to him.

In addition, we received very important information concerning the fraud in the case of Mahir Abdullayev, submitted by Elshad Abdullayev by the Strasbourg Court (Elnur Madzhidli). But more on that later..

Former member of parliament of Azerbaycan mr. Jamshud Nuriyev: “The former rector, Elshad Abdullayev was an agent of the KGB (Federal Security Service RF and Azerbaijan.” Jamshud Nuriev also told his interview with the newspaper Olaylar that Elshad Abdullayev worked for some time as an “agent” to the Federal Security Service RF and Azerbaijan : “His military rank was captain.

Few in Azerbaijan know that Elshad Abdullayev was an agent of the KGB ederal Security Service RF.This is definitely “

A close relative of Elshad Abdullayev, Azer Mursaliyev, works in the press organ of the Russian FSB.

If relatives live in Russia without fear, then why Elshad Abullayev settled in France?

According to detailed information, “the professor of the brigand” Elshad Abdullayev transmits intelligence information from Europe to Azer Mursaliyev!

Azer Mursaliyev controls all secret creatures of Elshad Abullayev in Russia.

Elshad’s son, Elshan Abullaev, an agent for the Russian FSB, and another relative of his by the name of Araz works in the Duma of the Russian Federation

Elshan Abdullayev has millions of dollars in his account, in Russia he is the owner of villas and several expensive cars. Incidentally, in 2009, the International University headed by Elshad Abdullayev was accused of illegal transplantation and trafficking in human organs.


The university was closed, and the himself, Elshad Abdullayev, fleeing from the inevitable arrest, immediately flew to Paris

Despite the fact that refugee Elshan Abdullayev has millions of dollars in his account, in France he still receives social assistance.

During the investigation, E. Abdullayev’s grounds for suspicion appeared that he had abused his official position, entered into a preliminary agreement with a group of persons, and received a bribe from different people in the amount of USD 470,586, while also violating the rights of individuals. by harming the legally protected state interests. E.Abdullayev also tried to give a bribe again and to avoid paying taxes on a large scale. On June 25, 2014, it was decided to prosecute him as a suspect under Articles 213.2.2 (tax evasion), 308.2 (abuse of office), 311.3.1 (receiving a bribe), 311.3.2, 311.3.3, 312.2 (bribery) of the Criminal Code.

Elshad Abdullayev's villa in Cypris

Now in the criminal case investigative measures continue to be taken in connection with the illegal transfer of students to different faculties of the university, grading successful assessments during the session and on state examinations, as well as the issuance of higher education diplomas and corruption of officials of this educational institution.

Moreover, E. Abdullayev, abusing his official authority, gave illegal instructions to officials of the Medical Center operating at the university to create conditions for carrying out operations on the transplantation of human organs or tissues, although this medical institution, which was subordinate to the rector of the University Elshad Abdullayev, was not issued a special permit (license) to conduct such operations. A criminal relationship was established with the citizens of Israel, the transplantation of internal organs to recipients from among foreign citizens was carried out, which is a gross violation of the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Transplantation of human organs and (or) tissues”. For each operation, the payment was made in cash without documentation, which seriously damaged the interests of the state protected by law. In connection with this fact, the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office for Serious Crimes initiated a criminal case under Article 308.2 (abuse of official authority, entailing serious consequences) of the RA Criminal Code, the investigative and operational measures for which are currently ongoing.

Ukraine demands the arrest of Elshad Abdullayev

“Obolon” district court in Kiev established the facts of surgical operations for the illegal seizure of human organs from citizens and their transplantation in selected medical institutions, including the Medical Center operating at the Azerbaijan International University (AİU), which were organized by criminal groups in 2009-2010 years, a law enforcement source told Trend on Tuesday.

The Investigation Department for Cases of Grave Crimes of the General Prosecutor’s Office on the basis of an appeal from law enforcement agencies of Ukraine for legal assistance in connection with illegal transplantation of human organs, under Article 308.2 (abuse of authority) of the Criminal Code in connection with the facts of illegal seizure by officials of the medical center, acting at the Azerbaijan International University, abusing official powers, kidneys from donors and their transplant foreign recipients.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office, although this medical institution, which was subordinate to the rector of the university Elshad Abdullayev, was not given a special permit (license) to perform surgical operations on the transplantation of human organs or tissues, they were given illegal instructions to the head doctor of the medical center Dilara Ismayilova, a criminal relationship has been established with the citizens of Israel Boris Wolfman, Yuri Katsman and others, the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan are grossly violated “On the transplantation of human organs and (or) tissues.” In March-December 2009, the donors delivered to the Republic of Azerbaijan from Ukraine, who were materially dependent on the accused persons, kidneys were removed, conditions were created for 13 surgical operations for their transplantation to recipients – 11 citizens of Israel, one French citizen and one US citizen. In addition, Dilara Ismayilova, not keeping any documentation on operations, received a total of 130 thousand US dollars in cash, did not transfer them to the center’s cash office, but transferred Elshad Abdullayev, causing damage that led to serious consequences for the interests of the state protected by law. Due to the existence of grounds for suspicion, Elshad Abdullayev and Dilyara Ismayilova were charged in the criminal case as defendants under articles 137.3 (sale and purchase of human organs or tissues) and 308.2 (abuse of office) of the Criminal Code.

Due to the fact that Elshad Abdullayev fled from the investigation and is hiding in a France , a measure of restraint in the form of arrest was chosen against him by the decision of the Nasimi district court, he was put on a wanted list, international search measures were being taken to arrest him.

A special decision made by the court in relation to officials of the Medical Center operating at the AIU, as well as its rector Elshad Abdullayev, who abused official authority and entered into an agreement with this organized criminal group, was sent to the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan from the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine to take measures stipulated by law

The OSCE report “Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ selection in the OSCE region” states that doctors of the Ukrainian National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named after A.A. Shalimov. They carried out 25 illegal transplants, most of which were made in Azerbaijan. The amount of money earned by the organizers was about $ 18 million.

In this case, employees of the University and the Medical Center, as well as medical staff who took part in surgical operations, were questioned as witnesses. In connection with the medical activities, forensic, forensic calligraphic examinations, as well as technical and forensic examination of the documents on which conclusions were obtained were appointed. A verdict of the court of criminal prosecution in Ukraine of the citizens of Israel and Ukraine, who entered into a criminal conspiracy with Elshad Abudullayev, was announced, a sufficient amount of evidence was gathered, giving grounds for the accusation. On August 20, 2013, a decision was made to bring Elshad . Abdullayev to the investigation as a defendant under articles 137.3 (purchase and sale and coercion to seizure for transplantation of human organs or tissues) and 308.2 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic.

In respect of E.Abdullaev, a preventive measure in the form of arrest was chosen. Since he is hiding from the investigation abroad, an international search has been announced in his regard.

Fuad Aghayev

Head of editor Euroasianewsmedia

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  1. […] Former MP Jamshud Nuriyev told in his interview to the newspaper „Olaylar“ that Elshad Abdullayev had worked for the KGB for some time, having the rank of captain. The fact that the swindler „Professor“ Elshad Abdullayev was an agent of the KGB/State Security Committee    is not widely known in Azerbaijan. […]

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