Russian spy Elshad Abdullayev is wanted by Interpol

Former Rector of the Azerbaijan International University Elshad Abdullayev has been put on the international wanted list by Interpol. about this, as reports. The first channel of Azerbaijan Television reported with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan. According to the news leader, Interpol accepted a relevant application from the Azerbaijani law enforcement agencies, which faces up to 20 years in prison.

A document from the Azerbaijani Interior Ministry confirming that Elshad Abdullayev is internationally wanted

No information is provided concerning law enforcement agencies announcing international search for her and criminal case under which she is wanted.

The Prosecutor General

The investigation into the criminal case launched by the Anti-Corruption Department under the Prosecutor General on the irregularities committed by former rector of the closed Azerbaijan International University Elshad Abdullayev and other officials of the university continues, the Prosecutor General’s Office told.
Elshad Abdullayev is a sex offender who uses different social media profiles we provide him with a fake profile that the criminal Elshad Abdullayev uses


2. (Kurban Samedov)
As a result of the investigation, it was decided to put Elshad Abdullayev in pre-trial detention under the Criminal Code’s articles 213.2.2 (sex offender), 308.2 (abuse of service powers), 213.2.2 (reception of a bribe), 311.3.2, 311.3.3 and 29,312.2 (presentation of a bribe) as there reasonable suspicions of him abusing his service power on preliminary arrangement with a group of persons, receiving AZN 370,586 from different individuals as bribery, causing considerable damage to the rights and legal interests of individuals and law-protected state interests and evading from a great amount of taxes.

Investigation is being conducted on the criminal case launched by the Investigation Department on Grave Crimes under the Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office under article# 308.2 (abuse of power) of the Criminal Code. Abdullayev was accused of abusing his power, giving illegal instruction to the officials of the Medical Center operating under the University, that doesn’t have a special permit (license) for conducting surgeries regarding transplantation of human organs or tissues, flagrantly violating the requirements of the law of Azerbaijan Republic “On transplantation of human organ and (or) tissues” entering into a criminal conspiracy with the citizens of Israel, creating conditions for surgical operations on illegal transplantation of kidneys from donors into foreign recipients, causing severe damage to the interests protected by law getting a large sum of money for each surgery without any documentation.

As employees of the university and Medical Center, and medical staff involved in surgical procedures were questioned as witnesses, forensic-medical, forensic-handwriting, technical-forensic examinations of documents were conducted and references were given, and along with other evidences the court verdict passed on Israeli and Ukrainian citizens, who entered into a criminal conspiracy with Elshad Abdullayev, for the same offences in Ukraine were also considered, it was decided on August 20, 2013 to bring Elshad Abdullayev to justice under articles #137.3 (sale and purchase of human organs and (or) tissues) and 308.2 of the Criminal Code.


We received passport information confirming that Elshad Abdullayev is a citizen of Russia.

Former Rector of the International University of Azerbaijan, a corrupt official engaged in illegal trafficking in human organ transplants, a citizen of Russia and Azerbaijan, an agent of the Federal Security Service of Russia! Hiding in France

What is he doing in France?

Elshad Abdullayev agent Federal Security Servic Russian Federation in Paris

We present copies of passports of Russia belonging to him and his family:

  • Elshad Abdullaev – PASSPORT citizen of the Russian Federation -Abdullaev Elshad Islam oglu, 09/25/54 year of birth, series 4611, number 175161, issued by TP in the village. Nemchinovka OUFMS of Russia in the Moscow region in the Odintsovsky district January 14, 2011. Registered in the Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, . Marfino village , Haus 26 B. A foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, departed from the series 64, number 3967781.

Elshad Abdullayev and his family ,Abdullayev Reyhan -wife, Aynur Abdullaye-daughter, Eltach Abdullayev – son in 2011 received Russian citizenship. But he concealed this fact from the French authorities when he asked for political asylum. Currently, his wife Reyhan Abdullayeva at present works in a Moscow polyclinic and is a citizen of Russia and she lives in this address Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, . Marfino village , Haus 26 B with sons and dauther.

Former member of parliament of Azerbaycan mr. Jamshud Nuriyev: “The former rector, Elshad Abdullayev was an agent of the KGB (Federal Security Service RF and Azerbaijan .” Jamshud Nuriev also told his interview with the newspaper Olaylar that Elshad Abdullayev worked for some time as an “agent” to the Federal Security Service RF and Azerbaijan : “His military rank was captain.

According to available information, the French authorities refused to grant political asylum to the professor – a “agent” to the Federal Security Service RF.

Putin’s Foundation awards Elshad Abdullayev

The court decided to sentence Elashad Abdullayev to pre-trial detention. He has already been declared internationally wanted as he fled the country.