Attention to all migration department of European countries

Leader of the Azerbaycan Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli was summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office for Grave Crimes of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Leader  Party Ali Kerimli himself stated this to journalists.

It is reported that Ali Kerimli was summoned for questioning on the case of issuing fake documents to opposition members who migrate from Azerbaijan.

Earlier in the case, a number of opposition politicians were questioned.

The last time from Azerbaijan, a lot of people come to Germany and other EU country and want to get political status

They are in the German authorities to submit fake documents

One of the facts


If someone will provide your with a document of this type please not to believe
Today the chairman of the Azerbaijan opposition parties Ali Kerimli has personally stated that he has not given nobody a letter for more than 6 years


Fuad Agayev

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