Azerbaijani Parliament Demands Visa-Free Travel to EU for Citizens

National Assembly (Milli Majlis) member Zahid Oruj demanded visa-free travel to the European Union or a simplified visa application procedure for Azerbaijani citizens at yesterday’s National Assembly meeting.


Oruj said that shortly after the lifting of visa-requirements for Georgia, Ukraine also received visa-free travel privileges to the EU.

„In recent years, Azerbaijan has become one of the European Union’s best political and legal partners, but our citizens are faced with harsh requirements for getting a visa. If the European Union wants citizens of Azerbaijan to visit, they must open their doors to them“, Oruj said.

The Azerbaijani government has consistently refused to comply with rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, asserted its disinterest in building tighter, economic ties with the European Union and has been one of the most controversial member states of the Eastern Partnership – an EU program meant to forge closer ties between the EU and Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Georgia and Ukraine received visa-free travel to the European Union in January and April of 2017 after years of close cooperation with European Union institutions to streamline economic, political and societal policy standards.