Government Azerbaycan blocking the site euro asia news in the territory of Azerbaycan

04 Aprel 2017 website Euro Asia News  EAN became inaccessible inside the country Azerbaijan.Reasons for blocking the site in the territory of Azerbaijan
Several of Azerbaijan’s primary independent news websites have been inaccessible for several days, apparent victims of the government’s escalating cyberwar against dissent.

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On March 27, Meydan TV, Azadliq Qezeti, and the local service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty all became inaccessible inside the country, local media reported. As of March 30, they were still inaccessible.

While the blocking of media that provides critical coverage of the Azerbaijani government is not new, a mass outing of every major critical site is. The prevailing speculation is the blackout is an attempt to block out critical Azerbaijani-language coverage of First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva’s appointment as vice president.

The media blackout is the first time the state has sought to create artificial congestion or launch denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks since a technical report from Internet freedom organization definitively tied such attacks to the government itself.

The researchers, who have been monitoring and fending off attacks on Azerbaijani media sites for months, were able to track the origin of the attacks back to several IP addresses used by government ministries. They ultimately concluded that the source was the newly-formed Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies.