PHOTOS: Suspect in St. Petersburg Subway Bombing Attack

Today, an Islamic terrorist killed 10 people and injured 47 more with a bomb in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia.


The photo of the suspect, released by the Russian authorities (pictured below), clearly shows an Islamic radical.


The situation facing the West is now bordering on the ridiculous, with terror attacks happening on an almost daily basis.

Britain First has said all along that the Islamist threat to the West is only going to intensify.

Britain First

Bombs, lorry attacks, beheadings, shootings and stabbings are a daily occurence.

This is the future that awaits your children and grand-children and it is only going to get worse.

Sitting on the sidelines with your fingers crossed is not going to work, period.

Britain First

You have a moral obligation to get active, to take action, to make a stand, before it is too late.