The United States presented an ultimatum to İSİS

The coalition led by the United States gave the rebels a terrorist group „Islamic State“ 48 hours trying to leave the Syrian city manbij, reports Agence France-Presse.

Fighting for manbij in northern Syria in Aleppo province have been going on for over a month. They are attended by the Arab troops from among the opposition and Kurdish formations. The population of the city before the start of the conflict in the country amounted to more than 70 thousand people.

Earlier there were reports that dozens of civilians were killed in air strikes by the international coalition led by the United States in a village north of the Syrian manbij in Aleppo province.

As confirmed by the agency, local sources, the victims were more than 100 civilians, including women and children. According to sources, the airstrikes were carried out before noon on Tuesday in the village of At-Tauhara in Aleppo.