The UK government as part of the anti-corruption campaign has published a list of foreign nationals who are using offshore companies have purchased about one hundred thousand houses in the United Kingdom, the British media write.

According to estimates, the purchase of real estate 40 thousand offshore companies and spent more than 200 billion pounds have been involved. According to The Sunday Times, the publication of the list led to the fact that many of the secrets surfaced oligarchs and their families from Russia and 37 Azerbaijani citizens.

Full list of property owners in London posted on your site International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (İCİJ). This information is based on data on the operations for the past 10 years, companies Portcullis TrustNet (Singapore) and Commonwealth Trust Limited (British Virgin Islands), which are engaged in the registration of offshore companies. According to the information in the list, there are 37 Azerbaijani citizens.