Islamic terrorism was established by the KGB assignments

Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking intelligence officer of the Soviet bloc, who defected to the West, has released „Misinformation“ book (Disinformation), from which it follows that the reasons for Islamic terrorism lie in the secret operation of the KGB of the 1970s

Yuri Andropov, 15 years stood at the head of the KGB, sent hundreds of agents and thousands of copies of promotional literature in Muslim countries for the application of the United States and Israel harm.
By 1972, disinformation machine Andropov worked around the clock, urging Islamic countries, Israel and the United States wants to turn the entire world into a fiefdom of Zionism.

For Andropov, the Islamic world was a petri dish, in which the KGB could foster viral strain of hatred towards America from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist.
Andropov headed the KGB for only a few months before the Six Day War, in which the allies of the USSR, Syria, and Egypt suffered a humiliating defeat. Then the next secretary-general has decided to fight back, preparing the Palestinian terrorists hijacked the planes of the Israeli airline El Al and organize terrorist attacks in Jerusalem.

Much more surprising is that the first Andropov ordered to translate into Arabic the „Protocols of the Elders of Zion“ – a propaganda fake, forged Russian secret police agents, who worked in Paris in the late 19th century.
Before 1978 Pacepa fled to America and received political asylum there, he headed the Foreign Intelligence Service (DIE) Romania has actively participated in the project Andropov.
Pacepa says that „The Protocols“ were the basis of Hitler’s anti-Semitic propaganda. KGB has distributed thousands of copies of this forgery in Muslim countries during 1970.
According to his scout in 1972 his agency DIE poluchilao KGB Arabic translation of the „Protocols“ and a „document“ proving that the US – Zionist state. The objective was Pacepa secret dissemination of promotional materials in these Arab countries.
Pacepa recalled that during his meetings with colleagues from the Hungarian and Bulgarian secret service, he learned that they also distributed promotional materials in these of Arab countries.
In addition, Lieutenant General Securitate (the Department of State Security in the Socialist Republic of Romania) claims that during his time in the Romanian Intelligence KGB secretly took responsibility for 11 terrorist attacks in Israel, including the attack on the „Ben Gurion“ airport 30 May 1972 (22 people died, 76 were injured) and explosions in the area of ​​Sion July 4, 1975 in Jerusalem (15 killed, 64 injured).

In September 2011, on the eve of Putin’s return to the old Cold War warrior Mahmoud Abbas (Mahmoud Abbas) has moved to the forefront.

Under the enthusiastic applause of the General Assembly, Abbas gave the UN „a“ request for recognition of the borders of a Palestinian state established before 1967. Several political figures sympathetic to „independent“ decision of Abbas. However, few people know that the Palestine Liberation Organization was created and financed by the KGB.
Few people know that the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, where Abbas formed politically, while secretly submitted the KGB, the KGB, and only recommended foreigners could enter there for training.
Few people also know that the head of Abbas‘ doctoral dissertation was a KGB officer Yevgeny Primakov

(Who later became chief of intelligence in the „democratic“ Russia), which at the same time also was an adviser to Saddam Hussein.
Few noticed that Abbas‘ doctoral dissertation (entitled „Secret relationship between the Nazis and the leaders of the Zionist movement“) completely denied the Holocaust, claiming that the Nazis killed only „a few thousand Jews