Corruption president of SOCAR opened office in Houston

Corruption president of SOCAR Rovneq Abdullayev , plans to open an office in the US city of Houston, he said today in an interview with Reuters CEO Arzu Azimov.
„The office will be open for the purpose of trading oil and oil products in the US and abroad We also have an office in the Canadian city of Calgary, who is studying the possibility of trade between the United States and Canada.“, – Azimov said.

SOCAR Trading, headquartered in Geneva, was established in late 2007, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan.

SOCAR Trading Company sells the bulk of the volume of crude oil exports SOCAR from the Turkish port of Ceyhan, carries oil trading and oil products from other countries, as well as assisting the parent company in connection with international investments. Scope of SOCAR Trading activity covers Europe, Asia and America
 We want  inform your shorter about SOCAR trading – Family wealth of president of    SOCAR  Rovnag Abdullayev


                   Rovnag Abdullayev is  president of SOCAR

1.Rovnag Abdullayev sister son. Anar Aliyev is the head of the  General Trading STC FZE

2. Rovnag Abdullayev  relative  Nusrat Aliyev  is the Head of  Oil refinary  department in SOCAR

3.Rovnag Abdullayev son Rasad Abdullayev Head of the Petkim AzEDER

4.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Azad Aliev Head of the sector department in Oil Rafinery Plant

5.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Ramil Aliyev General direktor Ekol company

6.Rovnag Abdullayev  relative  Badal Aliyev Head of the Purchase department in SOCAR

7.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Nail Aliyev General direktor of the Rafinary Plant in SOCAR

8.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Mehman Akberov  Head of Procurment departament in SOCAR

9.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Togrul Seyidov President of SOCAR Petroleum

10.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Nihad Aliyev head of the sales departament of  Socar

11.Rovnag Abdullayev relative Adem Aliyev  Head of the dismantling department of SOCAR

11.Rovnag Abdullayev  other two  relative one is Prezident Suraxani Operating Company other is Prezident Balakhani neft company of SOCAR.


Note;Now these corruption  people will represent our country in USA

Fuad Aghayev