Another crime Akif Chovdarova

It would seem that so many crimes the gang of large ranks of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan has disclosed and made public, but the black list all of their acts replenished. Acts is so insidious and terrible that the entrepreneur Gadimov Adilova, feel lucky, “partnership” with the people General Akif Chovdarova ended for him only loss of profitable business and a debt of $ 400 thousand


Adilov returns to Azerbaijan

In the years 2009-2013. Gadim Adilov engaged in processing and sale of wood in a provincial Russian town of Serov, Sverdlovsk region in the snow. However, this is an unremarkable place and took a fancy to a menacing General Chovdarov. The domestic media even his photo appeared in some of Serov woodworking shops.

In 2013 Adilov decided to return to Azerbaijan and continue their business at home, which created Azəri AQA LLC. His partners in the Russian timber sent to Azerbaijan and cars Adilov took her to the station Keshla and sold all the goods in bulk. Since the tree went directly from the manufacturers and immediately sold to the railway station, the owner could afford a 20% discount, but because the goods not lie.

Such tactics Adilova soon attracted the attention of a major player in this market – Sadiq Jafarov. An experienced negotiator suggested novice Adilova partnership with the obligation to purchase every month he 30-35 wagons of wood. Surprised with the Russian North Azerbaijani explained that he could not sell more than 5-6 cars, as this is the limit of its possibilities Sverdlovsk suppliers. As compensation for the unfulfilled plans Adilov asked his new partner to establish links with a businessman Rustam, who is one of the largest timber producers in Russia.

From that day between ethyl, Jafarov and Rustam started close cooperation. However, as it happens in business, it lasted long, ending in December 2014. Adilov had already teamed up with his son and Jafarov – Natig Humbatov. And this gumbatov handed Adilova for future deliveries of 656 000 dollars, but the product for reasons beyond the control of the trader, received only 564 thousand. So Adilova a debt of 92 thousand dollars. And here in Russia came the devaluation, inflation, and catastrophic losses took the scales. But in Adilova, he believed, were in Baku reliable partners, to which he appealed, saying that together sold, the matter we had shared, so let’s divide and losses on all …
Money led to Chovdarovu
But in the office Natig Humbatova he immediately made it clear that the partnership, and money apart, that is, about any breakdown damage at all could be no question. Well, then all taken aback: money is not in our, and not yours, and chovdarovskie, and every penny must be returned to the general, and in view of the expected profit. Thus Adilova debt immediately rose to 400 thousand dollars, and people Chovdarova meanwhile warned that the general extremely dissatisfied with it because of the delay in the circulation of money.
And began in Adilova walking to Calvary – that every day, it began to carry on questioning by the National Security Ministry and demand immediately give the money. But at the end of December 2014, Natig Humbatov suddenly offered him a “settlement agreement”, according to which Adilov had to be rewritten on the specified persons Chovdarovym 140 thousand dollars that he owed some Ilham Nasibov. After the notarization of the transaction Adilova said that he now owed $ 360 thousand and left unhappy for some time alone. Briefly …
Within a few months, as the improvised chovdarovskie again took on the development of a businessman. Like, it was not possible to clear the I.Nasibova debt, because come on – pay itself … Nothing to do, had to give Adilova sale in Masazir worth 60 thousand dollars.
However, in May of the same 2014 Gadim Adilov accidentally finds out that Ilham Nasibov in February Chovdarova people back their debts. Angry businessman begins to demand money from Natik Humbatova because he was a “man of the general.” However gumbatov took action in June Adilova again dragged to the MNS.
Third floor MNS
On the third floor of the administrative building of the formidable ministry detained, or rather, captured entered into office on the third floor, where he sat Akif Chovdarov. Without giving the businessman say a word, the general pounced on him and started beating him with his own. Then joined and others – are tied to the table, and beat up until Adilov fainted.
And when the little businessman came to, the general showed him two pistols and promised that will throw them to his home. To avoid arrest for possession of a weapon, a businessman had to pass people Akif Chovdarova 300 thousand dollars and a car Range Rover.
Do nothing, Adilov takes Chovdarova conditions, and it is discharged from the MNB. Father businessman, after learning about the incident, the whole family takes away from Baku. The next day Gadimov due to beatings began severe headaches, and he appealed to the doctors Hospital. Semashko. However, there immediately signaled from the DHS and the head of one of the departments of hospitals forbade him to examine, first advising repay Akif Chovdarovu, otherwise treat it no one will (?!).
Desperate businessman sent in Saatli region, where there was his family. There he was able to go to the district hospital, but treatment is interrupted, because the doctors did not want to incur the wrath of Chovdarova, quickly discharged dangerous patient. About a month Adilov treated at home, and his father at the time, wrote a complaint in all instances …
There is no escape, you have to pay
Realizing that to go nowhere else, the businessman handed chovdarovskim boys 300 thousand dollars. Ironically, then behind him, apparently knowing exactly how much has been postponed Adilova money, as they say, a rainy day.
In October last year, after a loud firing head of MNS Eldar Mahmudov and exposing his criminal gang, Gadimov Adilova father appealed to President Ilham Aliyev, telling about all the troubles, fallen on their family Chovdarova efforts. The Presidential Administration studied the letter and sent it to the investigation to the Prosecutor General.
The prosecutor’s office to investigate the case and recognized businessman victims. December 25, 2015 Gadimov Adilova and several businessmen staged a confrontation with Akif Chovdarovym in jail MNS. The investigation of the case continues Adilova.
However, the businessman mishaps were not over. While his father complained to all authorities at the Ministry of National Security, Chovdarova minions use their communication and have brought against Gadimov Adilova criminal case on charges of fraud, and along with tax evasion in the amount of AZN 136 thousand. And now getting rid of the attacks of groups of MNS, a businessman has to prove his innocence in other law enforcement agencies.