Protest Petroleum company employer in Sirvan city

Today 14.10. 2015,  in the morning, at 7:00, the workers of Karasu Oil began to protest. They are outraged that on the orders of Vice President Islam Ovchueva they stopped to give a premium for work on public holidays and lunch money

Explaining his decision by the fact that oil prices fell sharply, the company’s management, however, did not reduce their wages.

According to oil industry itself I.Ovchuev gets 18 manats a month, and they pay only AZN 400-500.

Oil companies say they are working under difficult conditions, and their salaries are cut. According to them, the vice-president of I.Ovchuev threatens protesters protest dismissal.

According to the protesters, but firing I.Ovchueva could lead to the normal functioning of the company.

As the protesters said they did not cease to protest until their demands are met.

According to , the protest leadership achieved majority of the company’s management has corrupt fact

During the protest were detained taken control  by Shirvan Police
Operating Manager  company Karasu   Arif Farajov ,former engineer Karasu company and bloqer    Fuad Agayev and head of the Workover departament  Nofel Ismailov

They are delivered to the police departament city of Shirvan both of person was beaten there.Police officers intimidated him and said that-we can find narcotic from you and your relative`s pocket.!

Terror continues..!