Kidnapped relatives Russian billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev, the Company „GLOBAL ENERGY“ Azerbaijan

33Once was sacked National Security Minister Eldar Mahmudov, the media began to publish incriminating material, as the head of the National Security Ministry exceeded official powers. On abuse of office managers and workers of National Security Ministry(NMS), said President Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev.

On Avrasiya newspaper shared numerous complaints from individuals and legal entities of the abuse of power some NMS workers

One submission said that the Minister of National Security Ministry with and heads of „Global Investment Energy“ together causes great damage to the state, kidnapping people of company Karasu Operating Company

According to Fuad Agayev one of the affected event that ,some leaders „Global Investment Energy“ using spurious information in from  the Ministry of National Security in February 2015 They are started to force the company on the dismissal of the same employee Karasu Operating Company- Yevloyev Jamal Ilyasova (ethnic Ingush) and Fuad Agayev

January 2015 Head of Global Energy Supply Company Intigam Sadigov asked the help of his former boss, the head of the investment department Vagif Aliyev SOKAR- that he told the immigration office of the Azerbaijani Jamal Yevloyev but right frame to not let  vizit Azerbaijan
After that, by the head of the transport department of Karasu Operating Company Arif Alishov began slander against Yevloyev Jamal. The information we have received says that Igor Kirdoda asked to help Vugar Rasulov, together with the heads of the National Security Ministry Azerbayzhana blackmailing workers „Global Investment Energy“ and achieved their dismissal. Igor Kirdoda Yevloyev told Jamal that he has a letter from the KGB and it is said that Yevloyev Jamal adheres to radical Islam and the leading campaigning activity in Azerbaijan.
So Jamal Yevloyev must immediately leave the country. Jamal Yevloyev indignant wanted to clarify the situation and to go to the Ministry Security of Azerbaijan , but Igor Kirdoda Mr. Gutseriev said that it would help to avoid arrest Yevloyev Jamal Yevloyev and must leave Azerbaijan. According to our data says that Kirdoda II, Vugar Rasulov, Alyshev Arif Hikmet Alishev, Intigam Sadykov were afraid that Yevloyev may inform Gutseriev about corruption facts Kirdody I.I and his gang.
Fuad Agayev officially accused the leader management of oil company Azerbaijan (SOCAR),Ministry Security of Azerbaijan and the leadership of the company Global Energy Azerbaycan corruption, damage  state property,money laundering and kidnapping best professional oil enginering  people  within the company with the help of the leaders of the National Security Ministery of  Azerbaijan
And after a while the leadership of the company Global Energy blackmailed Jamal and Fuad Agayev fals material made dismissal and deportation of Jamal 05. February
02/04/2015 Management Global energy company  finally made fire Fuada Agayev because of his political views and   his research work on the corruption facts
04/04/2015 Fuad Aghayev received a phone call from this number  994502058571 invited him to the Ministry of National Security, he was shot down to death in MNS demanded that no longer distribute documents in a web-portal to address MNS ,SOCAR ,Global Energy and management of Government of the Republic Azerbaijan


In seeking the dismissal of the corrupt Yevloyev Jamal took up another employee, Rustam Vattsanaeva.
in agustos month 2015 , a senior manager of Global Energy Company , relative of russian oligarch Mikhail Safarbekovich Gutserieva Chechen origin Ruslan Vatsanaev , was abducted by Azerbaijani National Security Ministry employees and took him to jail in National Security Ministry .

Rustam said he was held 2 days in the basement of the National Security Ministry,
Not even informed Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan.Becouse of Rustam was RF citizenship
Ruslan Vatsanaev opened his eyes to the MNS jail two days later, was taken in for questioning in Rasul Rasulov, he was taken to the Ministry. Ruslan was detained for 2 days in the basement of the Ministry of National Security.

This began when Rustam found evidence that the gang several milion dollars from the financial account of Global Investment Energy move counts AZERIGAZBANK and twisted over the years got a lot of money

.Rustamu was only in 2015 will find these facts. lot of a million dollars of different goods imported to the company Global Energie name without gustomer sold and then in Baku. Only in 2015 in the name of the company Global brought more than usd $ 30-million oil equipment withou gustomer and immediately in Baku sold

When Vatsanaev learned about corrupt fact wanted information to Guide RussNeft once that corrupt group has inside company direct contact with the MNS of Global Kirdoda Vugar Rasulov Intigam Sadykov Arif Hikmet Alyshov Alyshov nachili act .
According to the source, the uncle Vugar Rasulov in the Ministry of National Security head of department MNS General Rasul Rasulov, himself questioned Ruslan Vatsanaevu

General Rasul Rasulov demanded 100,000 usd money from Rustam Vatsanayev
Rustam must pay $ 100,000 extra money .or also will sit yearly in remand prison MNS
„I do not have a hundred thousand“ dollar presenting specific accusations said Rustam  .Then Rasul Rasulov dial to of president Global Energy Igor Kirdod with a cell phone and told him that your employee does not want to pay $ 100,000.

Who is Iqor Ivanovich KirdodaКирдода Игорь Иванович  РуссНефть, АО  - Вице-президент по внешнеэкономической деятельности

RussNeft OAO – Vice-President for Foreign Economic Activity

President of the „Global Energy Azerbaijan Management».
A former member of the  USSR State Security Committee

 Vuqar Rasulov security manager of Global Energy Azerbaijan and  former offiser Ministry of National Security Azerbaijan  also in-law of former Minister of Security of Azerbaijan  Eldar Mahmudov

his uncle Rasul Rasulov was one of the leaders of the MNB

 Vaqif Aliev Head of Benefits Investors SOCAR one of corruption crim person in socarvagif-aliyev